THIS *NEW* BATTLE ROYALE IS THE BEST I'VE EVER PLAYED! (Fortnite + Smash Bros!?) | Rumbleverse -

THIS *NEW* BATTLE ROYALE IS THE BEST I’VE EVER PLAYED! (Fortnite + Smash Bros!?) | Rumbleverse

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  1. How and where do you put the “TOONZ” code when buying off the store? I couldn’t find where to put in the code.

  2. Why did they use the exact same art style as Fortnite 💀?

  3. This was a fckn intense game for no reason lmao. Last guy came outta nowhere!!🤣

  4. Is there multiple people running the channel cause his voice doesn’t match what he look like on insta just curious

  5. This game looks fun but I HAAAAAATE that cartoony aesthetic similar to Fortnite. That's exactly why I couldn't get into it.

  6. Anyone know if the game will have duos trios or squad?

  7. How do u feel about them canceling the game 🤔?

  8. Can't wait to be a day one player of at least one game

  9. iM Definitely Ready For This Game Cuhz All iPlay iS 2k & Cod , This Something New & Love The Concept & Gameplay 🦾

  10. Did not get a chance to say but imagine the collabs to come to this game especially animes

  11. When I saw the ultimate move I immediately thought “PRIMARY LOTUS” 😂 this game looks dope

  12. 15:26 I feel bad for him a random dude came dashing and destroyed him

  13. this looks sooo cool cant wait for it to release

  14. He was saying hadoken for the uppercut when he meant to say shoryuken lol but looks good tho could forsure see myself playing this with the boys

  15. Idk I think it’s the art style but it reminds me of og fortnite

  16. WHY CAN'T THIS GAME RELEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. no way you said fuck that to the spear lol

  18. 3:29 this man said “Hadouken” that’s a fireball… for a uppercut 🤣 it’s “Shoryuken” bro

  19. cant wait , seems a fresh wind and alot of fun

  20. This game looks sick I’m defo getting this

  21. this will always be better than fortnite

  22. also haiduken fires forward sharuken is the uppercut

  23. If it’s only on the Playstation and Xbox, could be possible if it was in the Nintendo switch

  24. Cartoonz: Try to picture a battle royale without guns.
    Me: Fall Guys. It's Fall Guys right? No? Oh okay.

  25. Finally a wrestling game with a cool twist. I need this game. I’ve been playing WWE 2K22, Fire Pro Wrestling World, Fire Pro D, Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 and 2011 all on my iPhone recently (and posted some vids) on the move, just so that I can get my wrestling gaming fix while I wait for the next release. Amazing that you can now play such great games on your phone using touchscreen controls. I need to do the same with Rumbleverse. Also want to check out Wrestlequest

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