This New Genre is Replacing Battle Royale's..... -

This New Genre is Replacing Battle Royale’s…..

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  1. Ive just been tired of shooters overall for the most part

  2. Marathon is actually not a new IP, is a reboot from a series from the 90's, the predecessor of Halo

  3. I was waiting for a mention of rust it fits like all the categories 😭

  4. Not even Gonna Lie, Dark And Darker was what revived the PVPVE Genre

  5. h1 is the game where all the big streamers started blowing up
    it was a huge things and it ended very sadly
    u should give a lil more credits

  6. Imagine an Avatar Extraction shooter… my gosh that would blow up to the moon if done right

  7. Yeah I don’t think this is taking over fortnight nah

  8. Did this dude really call Maathon a NEW IP?

  9. I don't think PvPvE is better than BR, I played both but BR is more fun and casual for all type of players, MMORPG is the best genre that never reached its potential because it requires AAA budget and most MMORPG games are Japanese or low budget

  10. Btw Battle Royale was actually a book published in 1999, before being a movie

  11. I think its interesting how fps games are going through the MOBA-fication the same way top down RPGs did. They went from single player/arena(COD, WOW) pvp(battle royale, RTS) to pvpve(extraction shooters/ LoL) its funny how this innovation works

  12. if u are reading this and you play tarkov add me I own a good server where we play and on wipe we will have active players, MemerLemur_

  13. Fun Fact: PUBG started off as a mod on Arma, the mod had the same name as Player Unknown was the gamertag of the person who created it, and eventually sold the rights

  14. Bro warzone DMZ is an extraction mode 🙁 you forgot to mention that

  15. Im just waiting for the finals to fully release that game is so fun😮‍💨

  16. I like the concept of extraction games and also Marathon isn’t a new IP by Bungie as they made a Marathon game before Halo which was in a similar style to the old school Doom

  17. Extraction shooters are a waste of time. Just think about it what can you really gain. There's no progress in the game.


    there!, thats the Genre thats challenging Battle Royale and its status.
    you can skip the Clickbait now.

  19. Marathon is not a new ip from bungie, its a totall reboot of their classic Marathon games from the 90s, its just the new Marathon is drastically different

  20. I can confirm, that those PvPvE extraction-shooters are becoming more and more apparent. Not just through downloads and game releases via Steam, but also through survey game creators and gamers. I've conducted a few surveys (of which I gathered data from over 500 people across 47 different countries), and this genre is certainly in the minds of younger gamers. Tarkov, Dark & Darker, Mauraders, COD Warzone 2, Hunt:Showdown, and The Cycle: Frontier (which has just been disbanded) are all brands I've heard from my surveys. Unfortunately, we know that balancing is quite hard.

  21. wasn't a arma 2 mod the first "battle royale" game?
    before minecraft hunger games

  22. I'm going to say it, apex legends is one of the best games I've ever played. I also hate it because the ranked is shit. But meh its probably because I loved titanfall

  23. You didn’t mention vigor. Underrated gem sadly only on console. Also marauders..

  24. I havent played fortnite even once ngl

  25. Finally after 5 minutes i finally find out what the genre is. It felt like the video was dragged on by purpose

  26. i think the main issue is the biggest gripe of the genre: camping extraction points. there is very little incentive to go out at do these things yourself, when you can just wait for the suckers to bring it to you and escape. Hunt kind of eases it with the way objectives are handled but the same problem comes from waiting for someone to finish the bounty and just take it for yourself.

  27. Ohh no, the irrevelant mf who gives shit valorant tips

  28. I laughed so hard when he said every gamer has had fun playing fortnight I've hated it since it came out and between that and the souls borne games making every game company copy it. I almost stopped gaming completely since only that garbage was coming out.

  29. Fortnite is actually doing as good as it was in 2019, it's peaking and likely only going to continue rising. Lot's of Cod players are switching to Fortnite no build and it's unlikely battle royales are going anywhere.

  30. i used to only play single player story campaigns but then i played DMZ when it first came out and i have now sunk in close to a thousand hours in that game

  31. King Zedus Prime 2009 of the Tyrent Kaiju says:

    I would play extraction shooters if they werent plague with "wipes". It makes them completely pointless imo

  32. King Zedus Prime 2009 of the Tyrent Kaiju says:

    Marathon isn't truly a new title

  33. Survival Extraction is dead… The Cycle: Frontier is one and its shutting down this September.

  34. singleplayer games that also have multiplayer are the best

  35. Extraction shooters I do not think are the way.

  36. Who else went right to the comments to see if they were going to be talking about extraction shooters?

  37. Division one did it first for me. The cycle is closing their servers 😢

  38. heavily disagree with this. battle oryale is a simple concept. everyone enters, only one survives. extraction is enter do a specific objective and leave or kill others and leave. jus too niche and complex to be a mainstream thing imo

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