This NEW VR Battle Royale is AMAZING! - Contractors Showdown -

This NEW VR Battle Royale is AMAZING! – Contractors Showdown

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Contractors Showdown is a brand new VR Battle Royale currently in closed beta, which you can join in the contractors Discord. This game is unlike any other VR BR, and this game will definitely dominate VR in the future.
Joined by: @AyooHenry @AwakenToast

0:00 Intro
0:51 First Game
15:45 Second Game
23:00 Outro

Group Channel (Game Guys)

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Valve Index Headset/Controllers (Default Microphone w/ Voicemeeter)

-NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090
-AMD Ryzen 9 7900X
-64 GB Ram

Recording: OBS Studio
Editing: DaVinci Resolve



  1. Why don’t ghosts of tabor maps look this good or have this good design?

  2. If i play this game i will be sick for an entire week

  3. The battle between contractors and onward has been going on for a while and I've always been with onward but this game looks sick. I think I'll get it, i have nothing against contractors though, i just prefer onward

  4. Do you know when this is coming out. I am craving br vr games and I am NOT playing population one

  5. your aim is damn so smooth.. are you using gun stock?

  6. Guys its on the discord for contractors showdown

  7. Onward, Pop one and contractors definitly helped. Won my 2nd game with 3 kills next game going for 10.

  8. I hate to be a cry baby, but I found the deaths to be FAST! A little too fast for a BR. Just boom, I'm dead. From where? IDK. Ohhh the roof top 4 buildings away.

  9. Game is fire. So many mw guns and its rlly immersive, when you pull charging handle of some weapons, there are a variety of noises

  10. Is this using Oculus Link or just on the Quest?

  11. This is pubg just with extra stuff you people are crazy to think this a new game

  12. how does his look so good when I play on my quest 2 it’s lower graphics his is more advanced or something

  13. How is his shot so dead on though I swear I’m dead on and my shots are not hitting

  14. Man this looks amazing. I wish i had a VR to play it 🤣

  15. What quest do you use? I am thinking about getting one as I have been watching your videos recently 😮

  16. Will playing contractors be similar control wise and muscle memory wise?

  17. is this on quest 2 or 3 ? the graphs amazing ❤

  18. bro imagine if they add rebirth to this

  19. 15:38 "we are in goooood timee of the year for VR man" And yes, bright years ahead!

  20. As a gun enthusiast, seeing real life things in video games like press checking and mag checks being practical in video games rather than aesthetic is pretty cool

  21. I downloaded and played a combat game on my PiCo4 today, it made me feel nauseous 🤢😆

  22. If this actually turns out to be just as great as playing Warzone on PC, then I'm taking my VR Headset off of Ebay. But only if this gets resurgence

  23. Got really stressed when that donut wouldn’t turn around. Makes you remember why charms don’t exist in real life lol

  24. I’m buying a Vr set now I want in on this game 😤🏆🔥

  25. Gibts bei dem Game auch ein Gulag wenn man stirbt wie bei Warzone ? ^^

  26. are you seated while playing or literally being crazy active ?

  27. Since I didn’t have time to get the open beta for free,I bought it with US dollars but it is seriously amazing,even though I don’t find a lot of people

  28. Game is in CLOSED BETA, you can request access in the Contractors discord! Game is on Quest and PCVR

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