This *NEW* X-Bow Deck is *INSANE! 🚨 - Clash Royale -

This *NEW* X-Bow Deck is *INSANE! 🚨 – Clash Royale

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Hey what´s up!
In this Video we are playing my favorite Deck inside the game!
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See you next time!



See you next time!


  1. My sadness just grows bigger and bigger

  2. Borigam Vishwaksen JNV Adilabad, 69, 10 B says:

    Eragon be like: 😑 doesn't matter, I'm always viable😎

  3. This is the future… quit the game. 😪

    Sorry I no longer had the interest to watch these kind of videos anymore.

  4. Very toxic muito chato 👎👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮NERF HOG RIDER

  5. I just watched Eragon's video about this deck!😮

  6. Next season the evolved card will be precisely the X Bow. Drew hinted it via twitter and then in the TV Royale he tried to emulate its shots. So, xbow players will be happy.

  7. I really dont like the evolutions it's just an excuse to make rediculous balance changes.
    If Supercell would say: "we are going to do balance changes Electro Giant has now 2000 HP more." Everyone would be really mad. But if they say: "Electro Giant has now a fisherman on his back so he can fish himself instantly towards towers or buildings" everyone (or at least too many) would be like: "yay, evolutions! Super cool!"

  8. Oh gosh i dont want to face that kind of deck…

  9. This deck works better than NyQuil, Thanks for the suggestion my sleep deprivation is no more 😂

  10. With the amount of people using Arrows rn, Queenbow is way better

  11. What insane mechanics. At 6:16 How the heck the log killed half the goblins and not all the goblins??

  12. Hello morten i have all cards but dont tonardo can you give my an alternative deck (i have 4200 trophähen Arena 13

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