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In today’s video we are going against a hacker that is ddosing peoples internet so they cant place stuff, hes been doing it to people on top ladder. Enjoy 🙇‍♂️

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  1. रोशन क्षेत्री says:

    Ian plz do more vids on hog lightning
    It really helps us to understand more regarding different matchups and escape mid ladder as a lot of your viewers are from mid ladder plzz

  2. I realised that years ago when I was facing alot chinese players. It happens frequently that my connection went down even I was at home with perfect connection. I always suspect some chines players that they are using some kind of ddossing. But I never heard about that till you came up with your video.

  3. Acá viendo unos de los que ganaron al hacker 😎,
    Orgulloso de vos Ian
    Siempre atento a tus partidas estoy 😉

  4. its not just this guy same thing happened to me last night, im around 5200 trophies

  5. thats just one of all the reasons that make think that ur actually a one in a billion player

  6. Can’t ddoss if ur on data 😂 get fucked hackers.

  7. i also experienced that too, but i lost 🙁

  8. Plot Twist : That's Actually Anaban who is sniping people like this 👽

  9. This has been happening to me A BUNCH in 20 win challenge

  10. Вадилочка Бутилочка says:

    The ru community is following you, thanks for playing ❤️

  11. this was happened with me for many times I thought it was network error

  12. The struggle behind your reach of your channel is really awful

  13. Lag switch is a common thing in console games and has been around for a while. First time seeing it on clash it’s quite a cool idea 😂

  14. Yeah happened to me too, funny thing is the guy was using lumberloon too so yeah, not only he was a f*cking piece of sh*t but also used one of the most toxic decks in the game

  15. Replay some matches with this hog mortar deck too

  16. DDoS sounds spot on. Distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). Flooding the persons IP results in bandwidth being soaked up. Fake packets or requests for connection that overwhelm your internet. Glad he got put in his place.
    Nice job on Clash with Ash. I love that hog firecracker deck!

  17. I was scared u started using clickbait, good you didn’t clickbait

  18. Bruh…. This just happened to me just now but from another player from brazil during a match and he made me lag super bad on regular cell service and I restarted the game and still won lmao, the funny part is that the player has only played clash royale under one yr and hes at gold with lvl 14 cards🤨

  19. I have experienced this alot in call of duty

  20. Lol that's what I call a NOOB Hacker lol
    He lost with a hack….

  21. this is not possible due to how Clash Royale servers are structured, so he's not ddossing but surely he has come up with some other method to lag out the game. but ddos is not an option

  22. Finally you get to see what we poor connection players face everyday lol

  23. Я бы накинул на него жалобу, желаю что бы этого соперника забанили

  24. he isn't ddosing anyone lmfao, you can clearly load into the game while being "ddosed" which shouldn't be possible if you actually were ddosed. he's clearly using an exploit

  25. Just found your channel thanks to Ash! Love you content! This happened in clash of clans too btw!

  26. bad explanation from someone with no coding knowledge:

    he's using a type of exploit that modifies and delivers packets to the server causing huge lag spikes. (i dont know how cr servers work but i'd assume its vulnerable to packet modification exploits) the reason why when he restarted the game it didnt lag so much was because all of the packets were returned and delivered to the server, not affecting the client as much (once again i have little to no knowledge in coding except a tiny bit of lua and only know about how r o b l o c servers work)

  27. he wasnt ddosing you he was ddosing the clash royale server

  28. Try and use vpn it’s impossible or almost impossible to ddos then.

  29. i had the same, but u ciuldnt join the game, i have video where i can send you?

  30. I'm pretty sure old CR players will remember a Russian guy doing this stuff in the first 20-win Crown Championship Challenge qualifier in 2017
    I sadly faced this guy 2 times, and pop me out from the game before lagging and drag glitching all the game.

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