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In today’s video we are going against a hacker that is ddosing peoples internet so they cant place stuff, hes been doing it to people on top ladder. Enjoy 🙇‍♂️

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  1. Next time , Supercell is going to be hacked personally🤣🤣🤣

  2. That deck you beat him with looks strong mate. Great game play! You're my favourite pro to watch right now.

  3. You should use data instead of Wi-Fi I know this hack he can’t hack data he only hack other people Wi-Fi

  4. Esta temporada llegas al top 1 si o si mi rey ♥️🇨🇱

  5. I faced this guy previous season too

  6. what phone you have? Nice crl content bro keep it up

  7. Can I allowed to add you as friend in clash royale I am your big fan and I want to see your gameplay

  8. Hahah this reminded me of the lag switch times on cod black ops 2😭

  9. I saw kitassyan’s vid and I hoped that you would make a video on the win against the nasty hacker 💪

  10. hes not ddosing, hes probably just playing with the game packets, and stuff which just makes u dont send the packet where u place the card:)

  11. He was also experiencing the lag i think, would make sense much easier to lag the game then specifically the opponent; safer on his end too. The difference is he knows when the lag will occur so he can place hard to defend troops then do it.

  12. ohh so that's what OJ mentioned on his stream hi hi hi ha

  13. Is this mortar deck your using at the minute good mate?

  14. Oh wow!! I’m surprised Supercell didn’t catch this yet!! They need to band him!!

  15. 3:26 You can easily see that he is such a noob when he counters Valkyrie with skarmy lol😂😂😂

  16. Привет из "Royal Harmony"👋

  17. Hey lan77 can you maybe do a tutorial for your firecracker motar deck, I like it

  18. Plot twist: the game glitched in the first 5 seconds and after it came back in the end you got 3 crowned

  19. Same thing happened to me today. I didn’t get like an internet connection error but I was definitely gonna win a game and my game just had a huge stroke glitched and shit and my tower was just gone. And it happened twice that game.

  20. Ian, I was just wondering, I watched your midladder video where you play lighting+hog, I was wondering do you think 2.6 hog is a good deck to get to 7k trophies? Or should I upgrade lighting hog and play it.

  21. Now that everyone knows this is possible, hopefully some more people look into this and it should become a lot more popular in CR

  22. Buen video que mal que haya jugadores que arruinen el juego saludos Ian buen día 🇭🇳🥇💪💯

  23. Can u teach me how to play hog 2.8 hog please I’m very smart so please If u see this at least tell me what u think

  24. Hey Ian do you think the deck you used at the end of the season would be good with valk instead of knight, just tryin to conserve coins

  25. Nahh not even a hacker can beat ian 😂😂. dude got DDOSd and still beat him

  26. Poor hacker🤣🤣🤣🤣 he don't know who is his opponent.

  27. I actually faced this guy once and I was lagging the wholw time and i got so pissed because i thought it was my wifi. It was not that long ago. Im in the 6k area

  28. He plays like a Spooky Town player😆 The fact that he was at 7.3k and he tilted😭

  29. This is so blatant he even has a bunch of people spectating him

  30. Its his player name it contains more data than an iphone could handle this guy will loose or has to use skill if he gets matched against Android couz iam samsung and i played against him and he
    Was bming me amd i wasnt even lagging i qas using a lava loon as soon as i played lava he went full the other lane with lumberloon and mini and i had nothing to tank i got three crowned but no lag for me.

  31. what phone do u have. i can see that it's a samsung

  32. So he was just an average 6000 midladder noob that made it up top 100 ladder

  33. friend what editor do you use to edit your videos?

  34. I like how his spectators are spamming crying emote but then they get silent when you win 😹😹

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