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  1. I'm still out here playing PUBG on PC console and PUBG mobile idc if get hate cause I always be playing games ppl be hating on like Minecraft ik now it's popular but in 2015 the player base dropped until pewds made it popular!

  2. I just scroll through the comments and watching everyone comment their pov and thinking only from one side and then there's tim, giving each game the most justice through a proper view and I agree with all .

  3. without cheaters the content is gunna be rough for wz

  4. UHC is the ultimate battle royale on Minecraft at its peak over 200 players on a vast map

  5. I’m going to say something risky Minecraft is overrated it really is the hunger games is mediocre it’s OK but it’s not great it’s not something super special it’s fun for a little I guess but it’s just Minecraft nothing too serious about it I think for most people it’s just nostalgia talking I grew up with Minecraft and I just don’t play it as much anymore because it’s so boring at times I can’t enjoy it like I used to.

  6. No matter how much you hate fortnite, remember that one day it was the best in the business

  7. I don’t think he played during the peak of apex

  8. to much people speaking of apex thats him not you guys

  9. Ye fortnite is dog shit ever since they brought chapter 2 like chapter 2 fucked the game in my opinion

  10. minecraft hunger games was the first and best battle royale i've ever played and i am to this day nostalgic and sad about it's death

  11. warzone should be B or C. only cause br shouldnt have grinded loadouts. and its just not that good lol

  12. Minecraft Hungergames is what started it all. Inspired by hungergames the movies. Then came the BR games based on it, including pubg and fortnite.

    The idea of scavenging for gear and weapons, afterward hunting your enemies down and being the last player standing. Minecraft hungergames should be S+. The one that started it all.

  13. I unsubscribed once I saw him put warzone in S Tier. Like he's capping at that point. Played Warzone a few times and it was worst experience I've had out of most of the other royales he's listed.

  14. Fortnite is one of the greatest games of all time, it’s incredibly unique, super replayable, one of the highest skill gaps in all of video games and is constantly changing and evolving

  15. Think I love this channel and watch this one more then tims main channel

  16. I wish there was a battlefield mode where everyone has one life

  17. For me warzone needs loadout system removed and it would be so much better or anything you can get in your loadout should be also be ground loot

  18. I can’t stand warzone that game is absolute shit!!!

  19. Well this aged well… Apex has become the new Gulag for warzone.

  20. Blackout was good but had awful server issues for the first month

  21. Apex is supposed to be 1 cuz
    -No Fall Damage
    -Fast Paced
    -60 players only
    -Camping Less more about movement
    -Legends change playstyle
    -Armor Swap
    -Looting good
    -Dank Lore

  22. Fortnite was definately a top notch game during its peak. The game at its peak was a test of weapon aim and light building. Hiding in bushes and rocket riding. Back then people were not nearly as toxic. Now it's actually a sweat fest. Nobody likes being a casual player and having to go against builder/edits spam. It's not enjoyable that much anymore.

    Warzone was fun for the first 2 months. I personally never experiemce a hacker since I quit warzone a long time ago. The camping is horrendous. And I have to say that from a stand point that to be on par with everyone else you must be campy as well. I hate the buy back and the gulag because killing someone doesn't mean shit anymore. In a BR you kill someone and said their ass back to the lobby. That's what feels great about it. Warzone is like a team deathmatch on a huge map. And you get to pick your own loadouts? I'd actually play this more if it was similar to blackout where you'd have to pick up attachments. Blackout mechanics on a warzobe map would be awesome.

    Apex is trash

    Pubg is outdated

    H1Z1 proximity chat (no more explaining needed)
    The rest are irrelevant

  23. The only L was that war zone is ahead of apex.

  24. Its crazy how people complain about "too many battle royal games" when really there's like 4 at the moment. Call of duty, fortnite, apex, pugb. The rest are dead or trash. Nobody ever complaints about the 100's of racing,mmo,fighting games,sport games, zombie games, but they got a lot to say about battle royale games.

  25. The best battle royale is when the school lesson ends and everyone is trying to get out

  26. Pubg would get an S+ for me best battle royale I played for real

  27. Fortnite #1? Lol. Are you 13? Apex is S+ by far.

  28. You fogot splitgate the world’s worst battle royal game lol

  29. Love how apex involves a bunch of skill so it’s A wow lol

  30. Wow warzone is in S+, I would have never saw that coming

  31. My 2 favorite BR's are PUBG and Apex. PUBG for its authenticity and focus on surviving. Apex for its fast-paced action and its connection to the Titanfall universe.

  32. warzone's sliding is also cluncky like pubg's tim but i still do like warzone

  33. Apex legends and Titanfall 2 are great in my opinion! Still enjoy those 2 games

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