TOP 10 BATTLE ROYALE GAMES 2021 For Android | High Graphics Battle Royale Games Android/iOS -

TOP 10 BATTLE ROYALE GAMES 2021 For Android | High Graphics Battle Royale Games Android/iOS

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Hello Everyone, in this video i show you the Top 10 Battle Royale Games in 2021 for Android/iOS.







7.Apex Legends Mobile

8.Call Of Duty Warzone

9.Just Cause Mobile

10.Pubg Mobile India


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  1. Dev bhai

    Every week 1 video top 10 games😊

  2. Title :- top 10 games for android/ios
    Thumbnail :- Poster of just cause 4 😂😂😂

  3. Bhai demise game ko cover karo uska trailer 1 ,2 din me ajayega😊

  4. Call of duty warzone alag gane nhi aara wo call of duty mobile mai warzone jaise update aare

  5. Waah kya High graphics 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    I am being sarcastic

  6. What type of thumbnail is that. Rico with a fake tank. Also Just Cause mobile won't be good without Rico Rodriguezzzzzz

  7. Just cause mobile mai bird's eye perspective hota hai ye drone view jaisa kuch nhi hota

  8. Seperate warzone dene me bahut dikat hai. Players ki grinding ka kya hoga ji bhi humne golden ya diamond camo unlock ki hai or kuch log legendary weapon buy kiye hai.

  9. china ko sirf game may hi mar sakty ho 😀 😀 not in real life 😀 😀

  10. Pubg global bekar usse acha game of peace hai usme bahut jaldi update ate hai

  11. Sare games bohat acche hai😊… Thankyou bhai ❤️

  12. Farlight 84 coming tomorrow beta test for all of us get ready …..

  13. Nice vai ❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Click bait is this u called high graphics games shut up bro

  15. നല്ലവനായ ലോക്കി says:

    Waiting for Farlight 84

  16. Views kam h bhai lekin datte rahna issi enthusiasm ke sath.☺

  17. End mai wahi Pubg wali backchodi kar hi di aur bhai tumhare title ke mutabik game high graphic hai hi nhi kuch hai aur wo realeae hi nhi hue hai Clickbait video

  18. #pubg is coming😍😍😍😍Dev bhai plz information about the new game ((Dragon Raja -Sea))

  19. Bro we can download Fortnite from epic games which is legal too.

  20. Sir really telling I was your fan earlier……but now it is noticed that your subscriber are stucked here from a year or more than it…even you might be noticing better than us…..but now you are not like that how you used to be😞😞😞😢😢😥😥😥😥

  21. FAU-G battle royale nhi hai paagal aadmi
    FAU-G ke developer ne khud kaha hai

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