Top 10 Battle Royale Games for Android 2021 Voted By Players -

Top 10 Battle Royale Games for Android 2021 Voted By Players

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Ranking the #best #battleroyale games for #Android to play in 2021, voted by you, the players.

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  1. Good job of re uploading the same video after 5 months

  2. COD mobile destroys hard space though….

  3. Are you sure pubg is number one?😐
    I think you never played codm or fortnite beacouse they are number 1 and 2 pubg with soo Low graphics and soo bad game play is the last not first 🤦🤦

  4. Thank you about this video
    I was really getting bored of my current game brawl stars
    so i was trying to find a different game
    but the games l found was violent, had gun or it wasn't battle royale
    but this helped me alot THANK YOU

  5. When i play omega legends a scree saying somthing like account lost pops but but i can still see my character account lvl silver a stuff like that asked for help and they said they fixed it but didnt do shit was a fun game

  6. The one that I have played and liked, is Call of Duty Mobile.

  7. Who the hell voted on these there is no better game then Call of Duty even
    the battle royal part and that's just one part !

  8. Pub g is garbage no where near close to COD

  9. 3:50 In which country is available Omega Legends, because it is not available in my country, to set the VPN there?

  10. The best one cod mobile
    Best run best mechanics good graphic
    Many mods many ideas many classes many maps and weapons ….ect

  11. all 3 of my favorites pubg cod and free fire are here so good

  12. Why I not surprise that pubg will taken the number one spot🤣
    Good job and well done👍

  13. Call Of Duty: Mobile should had been NO.1. Pubg Mobile has a better engine, but it's graphics is still ASS compared to Cod: Mobile graphics, a game that pushed Unity Engine to it's limits. And do note, Fortnite Mobile had a serious struggle, when Call Of Duty: Mobile came out, because one of the worlds oldest, and most iconic franchises came onto Mobile platform, and the game grew and grew and grew, along with the COD: Mobile community. Now, U are allowed to love Fortnite and Pubg mobile, I'm not saying why U shouldn't be loved and adored, I'm just saying my personal thoughts.

  14. I think codm stomp pubgm in so many ways but okay.

  15. Which one of those games i can Play with blu pad? In call of duty my gamepad not work. On my moto G7 Android 10 device. I hate Play with touch screen control. This gamepad work without problem on any console emulators.
    Any chance to do top bluetooth pad support games list?

  16. Some of these games I can't play darn well I just go back to the drawing board.

  17. Pubg number and cod number 2 free fire last

  18. Pubg number one and cod number 2 free fire last

  19. When the hell fortnite became available in android

  20. Dude, most of those games are not released globally

  21. Bruh my phone is weak all of thes game is not avalable on my device only free fire i can download

  22. Pubg should be on 11-th place after new shitty update.

  23. Call of duty now is the most popular game. That's why pubg mobile make a new game because of the codm.

  24. Pubg is the best battle royale game mechanics.

  25. Pubg mobile is Good one smooth game play, No Lag, smooth graphics and also it's global game But The Call of duty is most of bot enemy 🥴 and I hate that!!! Then CODM is destroyed hard space
    CODM space: 8GB already
    PUBGM space: 4GB

  26. I plyed two years Free fire and I left then I went to call of duty i played two months and I left although call of duty clash squad better than battle royal… but now I Play pubg mobile light more cause I can control the PUBG principal game the aim terrible… I can't wait for pubg newstate 😜

  27. Pubg mobile controls are stiff and clunky…hence why i uninstall it..

  28. number 5 imo i like the CS mixed with BR but the aim assist is stupidly op

  29. Why is pubg 1 pub g dosent even support recoil control and mods. And theres a lot of thing pubg copy from codm.
    I have a concern about codm only 3.
    Codm has a lot of feature that is so cool.
    Pubg is a knock off.

  30. Pubg is dope. But it's too difficult 4 me. And I think it's for pros

  31. just Kinda sad that most of these are really awesome games but have no following And player base which leads to peepz dropping them.

  32. Wait since when was fortnite released on phone?

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