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Top 10 Battle Royale Games

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Top 10 Battle Royale Games
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Today we are going to talk about one of the most epic types of games, Battle Royales. While you may know of one or two different battle royale games, you might be surprised to hear that there are in fact countless others out there. Each one offers its own spin on the premise. In a battle royale, the object is to be the last one standing. Either usually by getting your hands on a winning weapon and using it to mow down your opponents; or alternatively by staying away from the action, hiding out and waiting for the most opportune time to strike. Today we’ll be taking a look at what makes this style of game so appealing as well as looking at what makes some of the titles that consider themselves Battle Royales so unique, as we count down the top 10 battle royale games only on Top 10 Gaming.

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  1. The best game is apexlegend no battle royal like this game

  2. I think Call of Duty mobile should be in the top 3. 7th gen quality console game in the literal palm of your hands? Incredible.

  3. Why did you describe a battle royale game when u talked about apex? Apex has much more to it than just a normal battle royale………………………. u have crazy good movement (fortnite don't, but has building to make up for it), you have abilities and other things apex has done really well that other br games don't have.

  4. A 999 XXX Peep fan boy✖9️⃣🕊 says:

    Fortnite is old school Fall Guys is the best and I'm saying this to All The Fall Guys fans out there

  5. Apex is the best BR right now, or second to war zone

  6. This list is based on popularity not actually mechanics and fun

  7. They put fortnite, Fall guys, and pubg infront of warzone apex and battlefield😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Apex is the best br currently out there. It’s fast paste and the legends are so fun to play as. Warzone would be great if it weren’t for campers.

  9. Happy spellbreak was noticed its a really good game

  10. She don't know sh*t about bottles real but fucknite . warzone is first and will always be apex is 2nd.

  11. This girl honestly has no idea abt how to say which is best and none of her arguments make any sense. Fall guys is not a br. I can fairly say that fortnite had an impact on gaming overall but i dont think that most of these game shouldn’t be here at all. How did fall guys get 2nd place???

  12. Where is the realm royale one of the best battleroyale 🤔

  13. Apex is the best right now there really is no debathing it has the best movement system, ping system, updates and the best part it the whole story line for apex is so deep and connected. Evertthing in apex is connected and it also brings titan fall story into it too what other battle royale can compare to that.

  14. Apex and Warzone should definitely be 1 and 2

  15. Apex should’ve been 1 right now and pubg should be way lower

  16. okay let's settle this… APEX IS THE BEST BR GAME OF ALL TIME, PERIOD

  17. Liked worms 3d when i was still young. First heard about it here but definitly going to check it out. Love for apex😍

  18. My opinion warzons is the best and apex is the worst

  19. It’s 2021 now population 1 destroys apex legends a specially on vr

  20. I’m sorry Fortnite should be 6 BUT IT IS NUMBER 1 YOU ARE CRAZY

  21. It’s goes apex legends, warzone, then this pains me to say it but, fortnite then PUBG

  22. I refuse to believe fall guys is a battle Royale there’s no weapons

  23. Lol even fallout nuclear winter is better than fortnite

  24. If this vid was posted 1 month ago I would be so mad that she ranked it 5th but this was posted 6months ago so understandable but rn apex should be 1st or 2nd place

  25. Has everyone forgotten about Blackout easily the best BR on the market. A real shame cod replaced it with war zone

  26. Apex and Warzone are great but Fortnite will always be number 1 and have a special place in my heart

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