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Top 10 Battle Royales

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Thanks to an explosion of popularity, battle royales have flooded the market in the past few years and become one of the most talked-about genres today. Here’s a list of the top 10 modern battle royales, only including the games that are currently still available to play.

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  1. I kind of regret not getting into Apex legends when it first came out. I thought the game would flop cause it was three man squads but now I wish I went through each and every season battle pass cause I missed out on some really good skins

  2. Apex's server is really bad. It's worse than warzone's and fortnite's

  3. Why didn't you mention the hacking that is crashing Warzone

  4. Hyperscape is the most dead lol 🤣 there's maybe some more dead but not that died as fast lol.

  5. Fortnite is banned in indonisian. because there is a place there that is similar to the place in Makkah Saudi .. and many MUSLIM players are quite this games

  6. apex is the best. big budget game, unique and detailed maps great sound design awesome gameplay.

  7. Warzone is up there i think Fortnite might be the best though, don't like Apex seems overcomplicated

  8. Well I play Apex, Warzone and PUBG. I'm glad I enjoy all these games. 😍

  9. Hyperscape deserves this list because even tho it's hard non-newbie friendly and Ubisoft is trying to recover them and it's good now compared before and even when you lose you don't lose you rank but easy to climb. I'm platinum in the game cause no 1 is playing the game.

  10. Free fire should have been in this list

  11. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell spellbreaks ded.:(

  12. H1Z1 was the absolute shit in its peak. No game comes close. It’s a shame the devs ran it into the ground and killed it.


  14. god of battle royale is PUBG : BATTLEGROUNDS no one can beat it

  15. No way on any top ten list that Warzone is better than Blackout. None.

  16. The fact that you need to buy PUBG: 👁️👄👁️

  17. (Super mecha champions )the best for ever

  18. My Fav is Apex its movement is fast paced the game in general is fast paced rarely any recoil the legends with unique abilities

  19. Even though I agree with apex at 1, i believe Warzone is close second, definitely better that fortnight

  20. That first fortnite clip brought some real nostalgia I just can’t handle this new and different game that is trash compared to the fortnite we know and love

  21. I think you forgot about pubg the og battle royal game.

  22. What I most love about Apex is it's easy to play, hard to master gameplay. You got peasants like me who mostly lose, but with the right teammates win occasionally. Then you got players like iiTzTimmy who are just dominating entire games, SOLO.

  23. Yessss my game is the first place ma boi

  24. Battle Royale is the reason good developers are making shitty games

  25. I think spellbreak is way to underrated and needs to be checked out by everyone, it deserves alot of praise as a game and is just fun overall

  26. Pubg is still my favorite BR game. Id still be probably playing it now if it wasn't infested and ruined by cheaters

  27. I totally agree Apex Legends has to be the best BR game to play it's so fun the content is good but the gameplay is always crispy smooth IGN you guys nailed it 💯

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