Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games Ever Released -

Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games Ever Released

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Ranking The BEST Battle Royale Games Ever Released…
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Ranking The BEST Battle Royale Games Ever Released



  1. The odd game I like but have to say they are getting boring I’m just waiting for the BR bubble to burst

  2. I would of laugh my a** off if chaos put creative destruction in the list

    If you don’t know what creative destruction it’s just a fortnite ripoff

  3. My list definitely would have been different, but I respect yours. Thanks for the great content. Keep it up

  4. Me knowing fortnite is going to be on this list: 😐

  5. I think POPULATION: ONE should have been on here.

  6. Fortnite did so much for br it should be up top

  7. I remember mc hunger games and have recently come back to them!

  8. Yeah blackout its kinda dope but i never forgot how photographer strated all of this

  9. hey Jimmy I'm pretty sure u forgot about Codm br

  10. Same fate of Blackout goes with Battlefield V's Firestorm.

  11. Me seeing apex above Fortnite and Warzone: 😧

  12. I miss the good ole days when PUBG was still early access and everyone was trying to get a piece of it. Good times.

  13. In my opinion warzone is better exept for the effect when we are hit

  14. I’d switch Fortnite for Warzone. Fortnite during the Seasons 1-7 was amazing, but from that point on it lost all the fun. Now I’d say Warzone is my favorite BR, even with the cheating problem.

  15. The hackers are the worst they've ever been!!! Have you even been playing warzone the past month????
    Also Fortnite at 4??? Bro just because you don't like it that much it is clearly a top 2, biggest game in the world, changed gaming completely and basically reintroduced BR to the mainstream and forced cod and BF to introduce BR.

  16. How long ago did you record this dude you you said warzone was in season three we are about to go into season 5

  17. in fact as an idea pubg was the first intended battle royale, it started as a mod that was based on the battle royale movie, but instead of making movies like the hunger games and then minecraft replicating hunger games it was maked a mod for a mod, and it is the battle royale mod for dayZ from arma 2, then h1z1 copied it and the maker of the mod, playerunknown, got what he needed for making playerunknown's battlegrounds

  18. What was that game that turned you into a chicken when u got knocked???

  19. First time I got pubg I got 3 first places in a row.

  20. Honestly we need more of these parody battle royal games like T.A.B.G

  21. Chaos is a bit right on putting fortnite on top than warzone

  22. I love APEX LEGENDS.its insanely good and man the GUNPLAY AND GRAPHICS

  23. Been playing pubg since day one release on console and still playing today it gets better and better still not where it needs to be on console but still the best by far

  24. Arma 3 battle Royal is good if you're OK with the mechanics

  25. If you let going to do a top 10 worst battle royale games, make sure to include BFV’s Firestrom

  26. Ok you are wrong to place pubg on first place and not pubg mobile

  27. Twisted metal is the first battle royale change my mind

  28. lol Black Squad thumbnail even tho it's not a BR.

  29. I can't believe fortnite is even on the list thrash game worst br

  30. I can’t believe Tetris 99 didn’t appear in this

  31. Ngl pubg is good enough since it can be played I think on console, PC, and also mobile and I think is okay.

  32. Ring of Elysium was an AWESOME battle royale experience. i met someone who is still a friend to this day in that game and we played hundreds of hours together in it. Unfortunately, as you said, it was mismanaged.. it had so much potential…

  33. I know this was on Chaos gaming channel a while back, maybe time for a review/update?

  34. I'm surprised apex was higher then fortnite and warzone. Apex is my favorite though

  35. Whatever one may say, but pubg is a battle royale game of all time

  36. If blackout wasn’t bo4 it would be a lot better

  37. I have never heard of number 9 ever in my entire life

  38. Na most of the zombie loot wasn't even enough ammo to make up for killing the thin in blackout lol

  39. Why are you using the Black Squad Ak47 as a thumbnail if its not a br game

  40. Not even trying to cap cuisine royale was really fun and made me laugh a lot wouldnt say its a top 10 but definitely worth and honorable mention

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