Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games of All Time -

Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games of All Time

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Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games of All Time
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Top 10 Best Battle Royale Games of All Time



  1. y u show games that r dead dont get me wrong the games r good but there dead all the good one's anyway

  2. I love warzone coz it has vehicles,alot of guns,intense gamplay and yes Drifts

  3. I currently like apex because it’s connected to titanfall 2 which is my favourite game

  4. Apex legends is way better than warzone it’s way more fun than warzone warzone has been getting really stale because every new update in warzone is boring they don’t change the map and the map is so shit

  5. This guy is dumb af … Apex should be at top 3 period…. Ring of elsyium is a dead game lol & its in no 4 lol

  6. Battle royal I think started with Doom add on packs in the early 1990’s So it is not new unless you count board games like FASA’s Battletech or Star Trek 1980’s Klingons Vs Romulans vs Federation. Now that was a battle! Or DnD when 16 players in groups of 2 had to pick each other off to gain an objective with an adept DM 🤣👍

  7. Apex is easily the best battle royale game lmao, fortnite and the other battle royales are honestly not even close to apex in terms of lore, gameplay and movement

  8. My opinion apex and warzone is da best battle royal.

  9. U don't know anything feels like ur a pubg lover ! Pubg is a outdated game no now 1 is apex 2 is warzone 3 is fornite and then pubg comes ur taste is worst

  10. Fortnite is the best game of all time let alone br

  11. If anyone has pubg pc but bored with it please provide me .i always play it but unable to buy it

  12. Ha ha ha… what about twisted metal?

  13. fortinite at three and pubg at 1 dumb man
    it should be like this 3 apex legends 2 warzone and 1 fortnite

  14. warzone, h1, and pubg are my fav. h1 was so funny

  15. Personally I think the top 3 would be apex, war zone and fortnite like apex was just super bigger not long ago

  16. Ring of elysium bro …… Thats a huge impact also i felt it was better then PUBG

  17. I don’t really have a top 10 i just have top 5.
    5. Pubg( i used to love the game alot, now I don’t have fun with the game anymore)
    4. Fortnite( it was great in the old seasons but now it’s boring)

    These are the games i still play.
    3. Warzone( it was my favourite, but it went down on my abit just because the cheaters man)
    2. Apex legends( i used to hate this game, and then i automatically started to love it, it’s fun, and i love playing as octane on this game.
    1. H1z1( i know this game is dead now, but i have so much nostalgia since it was my first br and i enjoyed this game so much. I still watched old videos because of how much i miss this game)

  18. play all the games before you through a comment

  19. No wonder there's so many dislikes! This list is awful.

  20. Pubg is my all time favourite BR game

  21. H1z1 was always be my favourite battle royale game idc if the games dead, i still love it, i also love apex and warzone, i used to love fortnite now I’m not a fan, i know what pubg is but i never played that battle royale game. I’ve never played the others on the list.

  22. Nah nah lemme help you

    2) COD – ANY
    3) PubG
    5- 10 is accurate

  23. Apex Is literally the best battle royale in fact the best game ever How dare u put Apex in number 6 it should be number 1 I am disliking the video

  24. Apex being 6 is a crime. I’m calling the cops.

  25. I don’t really play many br’s but I’ve been trying hunt showdown and damn is it good

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