Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games To Play In 2022 | BingeTv -

Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games To Play In 2022 | BingeTv

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Battle Royale games have taken the gaming world by storm in the last few years. They offer the tantalizing premise of testing your gaming chops against 100 random players. BingeTV answers which battle royale games give you the best opportunity to demonstrate your skills. TOP 10 BEST BATTLE ROYALE GAMES TO PLAY IN 2022!

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  1. Which battle royale game is your favorite? Let us know!

  2. Do that many people still play PUBG pc or console.Ik that lots play the mobile version tho.

  3. Apex, warzone, PUBG. Those are like the only games I play, and battlefield 2042 for a chill game

  4. Got to love how you list games that aren’t even available anymore… you know, like Mario… if you’re going to do a list maybe play the games instead of doing a google search to make it look like you’re compétant

  5. i always find myself coming back to fortnite

  6. I still think pubg is the best looking battle royal game till now

  7. apex for sure, fortnite is good, pubg is a classic. Blackout (call of duty Black ops 4) would be nice to see again however pc playerbase is dead and the game still costs 60 dollars, or 40 for the "battle edition" which gives you access to the blackout/battle royale mode.

  8. intro is WayTooDank bud ty for the earrape.

  9. People still playing Firestorm? I’d be happy to go back if so.

  10. I wanna play Apex but the characters are all ugly af

  11. Fortnite is the best battle Royale in my opinion because building is a great feature even if there’s a lot of sweats that build way to much.And i don’t want to get destroyed by the sweats I go in zero build and enjoy the fun vehicles and items.I also like the fortnite map a lot and I think it’s the best battle Royale map instead of maybe the chapter 1 map.And if your bored of battle Royale you can play creative wich has so much things to do.And the collabs and live events are also really great to watch.And when creative 2.0 comes out fortnite will be the best game for sure with all the things you can do.Apex is also fun but the lack of solo modes means that I need to play with random teammates and usually they either not drop and die or go to the edge of the map and loot for most of the game and die when they try to fight a team.I also hate apex maps because they all have big flaws.Stormpoint is to big so there’s no action because apex dosent have a lot of mobility.Olympus has a bunch of random holes in the map wich is so annoying and they shouldn’t be there and I die to them a lot because I’m trash.Worlds edge is the worst because everyone lands fragment and dies and if you don’t land there you won’t see someone for a while and if you do land fragment you’ll probably die.kings canyon is my favourite map but has too much 3rd parties.And also there’s a bunch of mountains in the maps wich is so annoying.And arenas is kinda fun but usually I go up against people that are a lot higher level than me wich would be fine if I had good teammates but most of the time they suck.Control should be a permanent gamemode because when I get destroyed by the sweats at least I can respawn.And the only other battle Royale I played is warzone and it’s sucks because of the time to kill is horrible map is also trash and the graphics are so ugly.

  12. Apex is dog shit. Grinded to masters in season 8 and never touched that pos again

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