Top 10 Best FREE Battle Royale Games 2021 (NEW) -

Top 10 Best FREE Battle Royale Games 2021 (NEW)

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list of the new TOP 10 BEST FREE Battle Royale Games for PC 2021 that are NEW FREE TO PLAY BATTLE ROYALE PC GAMES like COD Warzone battle royale , Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt and The Division Heartland.
Those are my TOP 10 Best FREE PC Games that are NEW Battle Royale games 2021 on Steam and EPIC GAMES STORE

0:00 The Best New Battle Royale Games of 2021

BEST F2P (free to play) BR games 2021 :

➓ 0:26 Action / Third person shooter / Battle Royale

➒ 1:16 Survival / Battle Royale / TPS

➑ 2:04 FPS / Battle Royale

➐ 2:52 Coop multiplayer / Party Game / Battle Royale

➏ 3:33 Action Shooter / FPS / Battle Royale

➎ 3:53 Combat / Battle Royale / RPG

➍ 4:45 Magic / BR Action / Third Person

➌ 5:18 Battle Royale / Survival / Realistic Game

➋ 6:08 Open World / Survival / BR Game

➊ 7:00 Realistic / Battle Royale / High Graphics


Creator : @GROMO


  1. I clicked very fast because i thought it was for ps4 lol

  2. Thank you Gromo this video helped me alot. You are the best ^w^

  3. I like this channel very much. I don’t know English. This channel has subtitles and I have subscribed

  4. What platforms will last shot be announced on steam etc

  5. Hyperscape died really quick and that's same with fall guys

  6. Tbh all these games are dead the only one that looks good is gladiator

  7. Nice thumbnail edit, won't fall for that bullshit, and won't watch the video.

  8. So like…I didnt know if either of these games were coming to console cause you didn't clarify if they were or not. I didnt know until I saw in the description.

    I've play SMC on mobile and it's fun. It should come to pc and console along with honkai

  9. Came here, heard your voice and saw your pick for no1, disliked and left

  10. Alter, was sind das für betonungen….hahahha

  11. Hyper Scape should come back it’s my favourite battle Royale and it could be more popular if The developers care about the game like I do

  12. do you need a really good pc to play blood hunt?

  13. I need to find a new game cause Apex wrongfully banned me. The day I got banned I played Valorant that’s the only think I did different that day. And there’s been people who been banned on apex after playing Valorant

  14. A lot of these look absolutely awful. Apex legends in 3

  15. This games are global released game

  16. What I missed, how many play these games? And like Scavengers. Hyped via twitch and co for one week and now? Most important for any mp game, get rid off crossplay

  17. Missing on the list: Ghost Recon Frontline

  18. Thxs for telling me it’s pc what a waste of time

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