Top 10 Best Free Battle Royale Games for PC in 2022 -

Top 10 Best Free Battle Royale Games for PC in 2022

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📌 Hi folk, it’s kmochGame and today! On this video I gonna show you about, Top 10 Best Free battle royale games for PC. In this list I will show you the most popular games. I would like to list the names of these games In alphabetical order.

📝 List:
1. Apex Legend
2. Call of Duty: Warzone
4. Darwin Project
5. Fortnite Battle Royale
7. Realm Royale
8. Ring of Elysium
9. Spellbreak
10. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds

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🤞 Thanks to:
– Eleven Sites for Call of duty: Warzone Gameplay video
– BulletMoss GG Moments for Apex Legend gameplay video

🤙 Hope you enjoy my video.



  1. First. Finally. Fuck Russia. Great video

  2. thank you im new to pc so i dont know of games so you were very helpfull😊

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