Top 10 BEST iOS/Android Battle Royale Games Like PUBG Mobile 2020! High Graphics! [Free Download] -

Top 10 BEST iOS/Android Battle Royale Games Like PUBG Mobile 2020! High Graphics! [Free Download]

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“Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games Like PUBG Mobile for iOS/Android 2020! Best Mobile Battle Royale Games (Games Like PUBG Mobile for iOS/Android) PUBG Mobile Clone Game – High Graphics Battle Royale Games Android/iOS (Free Download) Top 10 Battle Royale Games iOS Android 2020 – Games Like PUBG (Upcoming Battle Royale Games)”


Top 10 Games, Not in Order (How Would You Rank Them?):

(1) Survivor Royale
iOS Download:
Android Download:

(2) Garena Free Fire
iOS Download:
Android Download:

(3) Rules of Survival
iOS Download:
Android Download:

(4) Cyber Hunter
iOS Download:
Android Download:

(5) Call of Duty Mobile
iOS Download: Stay tuned for download link!
Android Download: Stay tuned for download link!

(6) Ride Out Heroes
iOS Download:
Android Download:

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(7) CrossFire: Legends
iOS Download:
Android Download:

(8) Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival
iOS Download:
Android Download:

(9) Knives Out
iOS Download:
Android Download:

(10) Disorder
iOS Download:
Android Download:

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Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with another very special gaming video on the channel! Are you sick and tired of PUBG Mobile? I’m not, but maybe you are! Maybe you played a few matches, died a bunch of times, and rage quit! So, what do you do? You come to this video to find 10 new battle royale games for iOS/Android that are the best in 2019 and 2020! These games are just like PUBG Mobile, and some may even be better than PUBG Mobile…what do you think? How do these games rank up to PUBG Mobile? Comment down below how you would arrange this list from best to worst!

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  1. Many people still dont know that pubg copied freefire ,pubg was inspired by freefire

  2. There are no recoil logic in freefire , no doors ,many hackers ,no attachments and there is only 4 x scope in the entire game that's why I dont like freefire

  3. Bro it is 127 player in hopeless land not 125

  4. Bro I love your voice me watching this in 2020

  5. Exxotic: 0:47
    Call of duty:looks like its time to make my entrance😎

  6. I like rules of survival more than pupg mobile but rules of survival too lag to play

  7. I find pubg mobile better that call of duty

  8. Rule of survival is not better than bupg mobile ferg may have play this game

  9. Cyber hunter is good but the pros are different than codm

  10. Disorder is not like a battle royale it a game like flag and fight again other squad

  11. “Rage quit” ahh yes now the runic powers killed it for me.. I hate that they put in that

  12. I had played the Hopeless Land and its full of hackers and Bugs

  13. He said that it has lower gb than pubg

    Also him: show rules of survival

  14. Mera phone 2012 ka model h me koi game nahi khel pata aache wale yaha tak 150mb wale tak nahi😞

  15. As long as the auto aim isnt too much, then its good
    Pubgm is challenging for me and I like it bcause of the recoil things which make it kinda realistic and some games ruined it like you know..

  16. Pubg: I'm the best battle Royale game
    Free fire: 😭😭😭

  17. I loved metro 🙂


  18. Call of duty is probably the best battle royal game for mobile and pc

  19. I love pubg mobile but my phone is not made for games, and pubg mobile lite is not supported in Europe, when I use VPN it has ping around 300-600ms:(

  20. Free fire ia good it kida pay to win but it a good game im leval 34 on it with almost all inlocked character

  21. Oh yeah babe oh yeah PUBG similar game hmm hmm hmm 😋😋😋

  22. Rules of survival was made by the same ppl as knives out

  23. bro free fire is so amazingly good pls play it

  24. I enjoy PUBG as it’s supposed to be. It’s the cheating that’s ruining it.

    Someone please tell me which one of these games has fewer cheaters?

  25. I play pubg for 1year but now it has a update and my phone is full Storage😢😢

  26. I already played the ROS game but it don't want to install in my phone

  27. Im not a pubg hater, in fact i actually like the game but free fire has been on the top cause billions of people download and play

  28. I would to tell something why i have to use vpn or dns?old version is good no need to use these app,when i use vpn my game going bad higher ping servers didn't working all the times why?

  29. I have 8 gb ram but not playing pubg cause mom and dad said dond play PUBG mobile so I wand do play odther game insdead of pubg

  30. I raged ouit PUBG Mobile its been 2 years now 😂

  31. How many ram required for rules of survival

  32. How would you rank these 10 games? And which of the upcoming ones are you MOST excited for? I’m most excited for Ride Out Heroes now, since I’ve played it a lot recently. Comment below your list and please click the bell button on my channel to be notified by future videos! 🛎

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