Top 10 FREE Battle Royale Low End PC Games 2020 ( 🔥2gb ram pc games🔥 ) -

Top 10 FREE Battle Royale Low End PC Games 2020 ( 🔥2gb ram pc games🔥 )

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Did you know that there is a lots of Games that can be playabel on low end pc, we list games that are Playabel on low end pc Atleast with 2GB RAM pc, for this kind of content all you have to do is subscribe and stay updated and share this video with Your friends:)Hit that fat red button hard:)🔔

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  1. creative destruction s4 potato computers can play but s5 and newer seasons can't play potato computers 🙁

  2. Bro how much fps can i get?
    Cyber Hunter

    Amd A6 5400k
    Amd radeon hd 7540d (512mb)
    8gb ram
    1280 × 800 game resolution

    Thanks 💟👍

  3. can i run pubg pc lite on

    processor:AMDFX(tm)-6300 Six Core


    system type:64-bit

    grafix card:ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics

    please reply

  4. GPU: Intel HD 520 2gb
    RAM: 4gb DDR4
    CPU: i5 2.5GHz
    OS: Windows 10

    Can open pubg lite without lag?

  5. bro i dont even have i3 i have pentinum

  6. Love from india karala❤️❤️❤️❤️💓❤️💓❤️💓

  7. 5:28 his download link where ? because there is nowhere please answer

  8. ngl creative destruction simply seems like a ripoff version of fortnite

  9. I have 8 gbs ram but my graphics card sucks.

  10. Really deep counfution about horizon source i have 2gb graphic card!

  11. I have Nvidia Geforce 9600Gt with 512 mb vram. And 2 gb of ram. I can't open the game because new drivers isn't supported on this videocard. I can't Run Pubg Lite on video had written 8600gt. I want to play this game.

  12. No more pubg lite only pubg lite have a better graphics in all low end battle royal pc. knives out not many people playing it. In all of your battle royal games uploaded only ROS has many player.

  13. Tel me some game for this
    Windows 7 professional 32 bit
    4 gb ram
    I3 processor 2.4ghz
    Intel hd graphics
    83 gb hardisk 8 gb free
    Lenovo laptop

  14. The intro looks like a seizure but still helpful!

  15. clickbait thumbnail & title (most of these games won't run on 2GB rigs) and repetitive overrated NCS music are the downsides of this channel

    but still, you didn't add an annoying robot voice like levitation and other cringe YouTubers so good effort :> !

  16. Wow this is so perfect video ever .. if you can pleas add download link

  17. Intel celeron n2820 2.13ghz
    2gb ram
    1gb graphic card with 32 dedicated video ram intel hd 2000
    Can i run knives out??
    Please replay @gametime

  18. I dont like battle royale much but nice video

  19. knives out battle royale is basically pubg mobile bruh

  20. Horizon Zero, Pubg Lite and Battle Royale Survival shut down.


    link of the games

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