Top 10 FREE Battle Royale PS4 Games 2020 -

Top 10 FREE Battle Royale PS4 Games 2020

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List of Top 10 Best FREE PLAYSTATION4 (PS4) games battle royale , NEW PS4 Free to Play Games 2020 BR, new FREE ps4 games 2020 or F2P PS4 Games for 2020 that are the best Battle Royale games 2020
This list includes the best BATTLE ROYALE FREE PS4 games from different types such as Open World, survival, FPS BATTLE ROYALE and many more that you can play on your PLAYSTATION FOR FREE

Best NEW FREE Battle Royale PS4 GAMES 2020 :

➓ SkyForge – Battle Royale
➒ WARFACE – FPS Battle Royale
➑ DogFighter WW2 – Aerial Battle Royale
➐ DONT EVEN THINK – survival Battle royale
➏ H1Z1 – TPS third person shooter BR
➎ Darwin Project – Survival Battle royale
➍ Knives Out – Battle Royale
➌ APEX Legends – FPS first person shooter BR
➋ CUISINE ROYALE – TPS Battle Royale
➊ Call Of Duty WARZONE – FPS battle royale

– Bonus Battle Royale Games :
➌ Realm Royale
➋ Trove Battle Royale
➊ Fortnite

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  1. cuisine royale isnt about that type of stuff anymore they changed it to a serious br game

  2. How to find them?
    I tried dog fighter 2 and cuisine royal..
    Couldn't found in ps4 search 🙁

  3. The way he talks makes the video less interesting you just feel like he's not in the mood and being forced to upload or some shit it's kinda weird

  4. this video is filled to the brim with ads i cant even skip WWWTTTFFF

  5. you can also play knives out in the us with a us account

  6. Can someone just post a list. I can't watch this video it keeps going in and out of focus. I think it's damaging my eyesight. it's definitely hurting me to watch this horribly edited trash.

  7. I cannot find dogfighter ww2 and dont even think pls any one help me

  8. who else is here to find a game without cheaters?

  9. I can't find the game don't even think but it seems really good

  10. H1Z1 and knives out yes online/yes offline?

  11. I’m sick of warzone now so I’m searching for new games

  12. Apex is the best battle royale game all time.

  13. Realm royal is the one I try before I like it not bad

  14. Super Animal Royale and Worms are better than most of these

  15. In my opinion warzone is better than apex because it has better graphics and guns cumotizone and it's fun for 7 year olds to get angry very easy

  16. Any offline battle royale games? I just want some chaotic Solo Fun.

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