Top 11 Best MOBA game like Mobile legend on Android iOS | Best moba game mobile -

Top 11 Best MOBA game like Mobile legend on Android iOS | Best moba game mobile

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the best MOBA game or multiplayer online battle arena now is becoming the most popular genre with so many active players on it, In several times we can see a lot of Moba competition that has a very huge prize and rewards. That makes a lot of players dreaming become of a pro player. In this video I will show you the best MOBA game that looks like Mobile legend and AOV which is the best MOBA game on mobile now. Top 11 Best MOBA game like Mobile legend on Android iOS | Best moba game mobile

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  1. For now Pokemon unite is best moba game, only in 2 years. This game got 50M+ downloads

  2. 5:45 bro thats not titan that league of legend😂😂😂😂

  3. when i see frieza in movie:😑 when i see in games:😡

  4. Yoir voice its hear like indonesian people 😮

  5. I play heroes arise its very good but my ping higher than 480 maybe because i live in middle east

  6. Hero Arise = Heroes Evolved
    Devs pretty much dump the old HE and make this new one alot better version of it.

  7. I hope that the Major part the games comes global, greetings from chile,i love your channel.

  8. Biased review,when u said that HE won't need to recall to purchase items i remember wildrift and LoL like other moba copied from LoL and Dota are you serious? That game is so shitty can't even compete LoL since ml is plagiarized moba game

  9. Why you don't include wildrift? The fact that they also copied some wildrift skin and features? The title of your content doesn't according to the videos all mobas are easily not like ml u idiot haha

  10. Gue kagak terlalu paham apa yang lu bilang bang tapi daftar gamenya mantap. Device lu Apa bang?

  11. I think the heroes evolved have offline mode because i play offline

  12. Bro ur always saying "like ml". Bro ml did copy some of moba u show. So u always like mobile legend

    Im ur fan 👋

  13. code jump upcoming لا تعمل معي مع رغم نني امتلك جهاز قوي

  14. "it could jump" wtf 👁️👄👁️

  15. Jump assemble is the best for now because characters is favorite anime

  16. These games are all MLBB rip off 🤣😂😁

  17. Call of champions the best but this game shutdown

  18. Honor of Kings not available in most countries. Clash of Titan is Arena of Valor, quite dead for NA/EU. Legend of Ace is full of bots and toxic global chat. Starfall Arena, not available. Lokapala only available in Indonesia. Mymymoba also not available. Extra Ordinary One also not available. So for EU/NA players only LoA and AoV are available on this list. MLBB and Wild Rift are the worthwhile mobas.

  19. BORAT!! Is this your son??? I LIIIIKE

  20. Honor of king , arena of valor @clash of titan , mobile legend and extraordinary ones are the best for me❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. I'm looking for a game similar to these, the warrior was a tiger and you could buy weapons, i.e. swords, armor and carry missions and get money, does anyone know exactly what the name of this game is

  22. see league of legend wildrift bias

  23. Pokémon unite better to be honest

  24. I am Egyptian, but I loved your content. I am a new subscriber

  25. i liked the honor of kings ❤❤

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