Top 15 Battle Royale Games To Play in 2022 | PS5, XBS, PS4, XB1, PC Switch | Gaming Insight -

Top 15 Battle Royale Games To Play in 2022 | PS5, XBS, PS4, XB1, PC Switch | Gaming Insight

Gaming Insight
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Battle royale games continue to be incredibly popular in 2021, with developers constantly bringing new titles to the table. However, like all games, not every BR is worth your time. While some of these highly competitive games stand out for their fun mechanics, there are others that often fail to hit the mark.

So without further ado, here are the Top 15 New Upcoming Battle Royale Games 2022.

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  1. Couldn't even get the year right in your own video….

  2. This guy knows nothing about BATTLE ROYALE coz most of he featured is not a BATTLE ROYALE. ITS A WASTE OF TIME

  3. Disliked the video because you lied

  4. video about battle royal and there is single player games better change the name of the video my man

  5. Thumbnail barley l battle royal game is called farlight 84 is available on Android ( not sure about iOS tho ) and i think it's coming for steam as well maybe i don't know yet

  6. ………..some of these games are not battle royales

  7. So blood hunt wont be on the xbox series s and x?

  8. Single player games are not battle royale's lmao

  9. In 0:19 you see Ring Of Elysium nice game because its DEAD ! Long match making and playing vs BOTS

  10. Umm do you know what a battle Royale game is ??

  11. Battle royal are fun but f*ck that 15 games that means u need to pay every single pass to unlock everything so u need to be rich and have a lot of free time to play a lot of battle royal games 1 or 2 are acceptable but now companies see this like money machines.

  12. When ur halfway through making your video and forgot that your title was battle royale and start showing campaigns instead

  13. Whoever made this video has no idea what battle royal is…

  14. You lost all credability with me when you said BF2042, that game shouldnt be on any list.

  15. check the blood hunt sys requirments 😂😂😢😢😢😢

  16. Why has this video got so many views, the list doesn't even mak sense lol

  17. BO4 battle royal is underrated. Its a lot of fun.

  18. oooh come on try at least to know what you are talking about half this list is not battle royal games…

  19. This channel has alot of videos but only have 600 subs bruh

  20. you lost me at campaign gameplay prolly be best if you could stay on topic, however Naraka is prolly the best on the list to me

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