Top 15 Best BATTLE ROYALE Games for Android 2022 -

Top 15 Best BATTLE ROYALE Games for Android 2022

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Top 15 Best BATTLE ROYALE Games for Android 2022

Games download link :

Disorder –

SIX.A Raider Mission –

Sigma Battle Royale –

Farlight 84 –

ScarFall : The Royale Combat –

Cyber Hunter –

Call of Duty: Mobile –

Carnage Wars –

NEW STATE Mobile –

Arena Breakout –

Knives Out –

Apex Legends Mobile –

FFVII The First Soldier –

Fortnite Mobile –

PUBG Mobile –

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile –

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  1. How is Scarfall & Sigma better than Free Fire Max?

  2. Sigma Battle Royal is Free fire's copy

  3. What is this? You took the game. SIGMA where the original was a game freefire Came in the clip but you didn't take the game free fire What

  4. Pubg and call of duty only but i move call of duty on my phone because i played alot of call diffrent parts

  5. Hey all good but you miss the upcoming indus battle Royale!!

  6. Farlight 84 is best game 😈

  7. Thank you sir telling this exciting games

  8. Warzone mobile is the best battle royale game for all time

  9. Fawian­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ZAINU GlovFuz says:

    NS and CODM 🔥🔥🔥

  10. 1. Apex
    2. Warzone
    3. Arena breakout
    I think you can tell I like movement

  11. Why you made this type of video where you influence other that CODM in not good game 😑 .. and how you put CODm in top 9 .. you dont know only Graphics and Customisation and gameplay is not matter man ..
    It's must show overall performance of the game and Here CODM is must be in top 5 / CODM gives free items/Operators than other games and still it have Good optimization than crenage /Knife out ..

  12. Наверное англичане не могут понять, что arena breakout не королевская битва, а иная суть. Типо escape from tarkov

  13. Bro included Sigma royale which is copy of free fire but didn't included free fire💀 but still free fire is bad

  14. In fact, this game is fake The base of Sigma Battle Royale is copied from Free Fire

  15. apex mobile will be close on 1st sad

  16. Por Favor No Quiero Que Sierren los Servidores de APEX LEGENS Es Un Juego Que Me Párese Genial No Quiero que Lo Sierren😔😔

  17. 1-Call of duty mobile
    2- Warzone
    3- New states

  18. top 3 imo

    1. Warzone
    2. Apex Legends
    3. New State

  19. If you are also looking for that game! so you are a big noob 😂😂😂

  20. New State Mobile 🔥
    Warzone Mobile 🔥
    Apex Legends Mobile 🔥
    Carnage War 🔥👌

  21. What phone are u using to play those games?

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