TOP 15 FREE Battle Royale Games you can play Right Now in 2021 | Free to Play🔥 -

TOP 15 FREE Battle Royale Games you can play Right Now in 2021 | Free to Play🔥

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TOP 15 FREE Battle Royale Games you can play Right Now in 2021.
Did I missed any good FREE BR games? Let me know in the comment section.
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  1. i hope your mom becomes a millionar and you are healthy for the rest of your love

  2. Ring of Elysium was great bar two things. Sounds needs Work/balancing, as the guns sound unrealistic and footsteps are super crunchy and loud. And two the single servers are populated by bots, making victories feel lacklustre

  3. Please can I play call of duty war zone in corei5 4g ram

  4. Man, PUBG lite cant be played anymore, soo sad dude, i wish i could play it…..


  6. Pubg pc lite is no more availqible in India

  7. i wish i could play warzone but i have a poopoo laptop


    Never gonna give you up

  8. Cod warzone is what i want But when i enter the game it just crash and when i trun grapich to lowest still crash 😭

  9. I’m here for another game to play as a alternative for fortnite

  10. I have such a low end pc i cannot even play one of this games 😭😭help me someone

  11. can we play cod mobile in pc if yes can you send me a link from where before i use to play from gameloop but now i cannot

  12. Why you showing rippoffs a lot like realm of royal that ditto looks like fortntite wtf

  13. Only a mac gamer knows the pain after watching this video 🙁

  14. 为什么我在steam上找了Ring Of Elysium却没有呢

  15. was hoping to see something out there that i haven't before, but i guess i did…because i have never seen such bot lobbies on any of these games lol

  16. I like watching like this video but i cant one them i only have 200mb grahics card only wish have good pc to play😔😔😔

  17. I lost hope man, I just miss the Fortnite 2018, apex no super tryharders, and aspecially PUBG LITE

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