TOP 15 FREE Battle Royale Games you can play Right Now in 2021 | Free to Play🔥 -

TOP 15 FREE Battle Royale Games you can play Right Now in 2021 | Free to Play🔥

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TOP 15 FREE Battle Royale Games you can play Right Now in 2021.
Did I missed any good FREE BR games? Let me know in the comment section.
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  2. Really informative!!! Thank you! How do you keep yourself informed of all these titles??? Subscribing

    Is it true that pubg pc lite is no longer playable?! I didn't even know the existence of it and if it has been shut down I've seriously missed out

  3. Isn't Realm Royale dead? Pubg Lite PC is 100% dead

  4. Arma 3 BR Should be First, That's where all battleroyal games started.

  5. thanks bro for the br games I was bored playing FF cod mobile and pubg now I can play these

  6. Ring of Elysium lo recomiendo mucho es un hermoso lo juego actualmente hay un server de Discor de jugadores…. Muy hermoso el juego tanto jugabilidad como sus hermosos graficos….

  7. hey can laptop yoga 260 can run fortnite?


  9. i would play warzone but you know i cant cause of how badly optimise it is like my specs are good and yet it stutters and lags and i just have constant problems

  10. How about free fire/rules of survival/crossfire legend

  11. why cant i find ring of eylsium on steam????

  12. you cant download PUBG lite anymore 🙁 the site its closed

  13. pub g pc lite play with
    sri lanka players

  14. which one of those are not dead and without bots

  15. for call of duty warzone in the sys req why have you typed ARM instead of RAM?

  16. ring of elysium looks identical to PUBG lol

  17. Is this guy using a robot voice, I can’t tell

  18. csgo danger zone " core 2 duo and 2 ram" ahhaha dream dude

  19. I want to play 50 games in my pc but I have rtx 3060 graphics card

  20. bro pubg pc lite is dead now
    devs terminated it

  21. danger zone é legal pena que ninguem mais joga

  22. from when did cod warzone became free?! SKIE

  23. i'am playing Cod with 780 GTX And i'am on max 50 fps to 20 fps on low graphics

  24. core i3 12 gb ram can i get good settings for this


  26. Let Me give u an honest review

    Speaking about battle royale games most of them are good bet dead popular but boring for eg
    Fortnite was good but the toxic community and the sweaty kids ruined it
    Pubg is ur typical br high recoil and they keep adding maps and its kind of slow paced
    Warzone is easy but its infested with hackers
    Currently I play Apex Legends (Specs: I5 6600 3.30GHZ Rx 480 4gb And 8gb ram is that enough) Anyways Apex Is sometimes so laggy not cuz of my pc cuz of ping I have a good internet connection but for some reason the closest serves to me which is Bahrain serves 50 ping never matchmakes cuz barely anyone plays on pc Whenever u play apex u get teamed up with the platform ur playing on and crossplay is only if ur squad is premade I have to deal with 100 ping lag spikes and all those stuff I have decent internet but cuz of the servers the games unplayable I really want a new BR that hopefully blows up and doesnt have any of the issues

  27. some of those games are dying or are already dead. On top of that if you're going to show gameplay for BRs you should maybe not show gameplay for PVE in them.

  28. can my pc run cod warzone if it has i3 8GB with nvidia mx110

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