Top 15 RAREST Emotes in Clash Royale! -

Top 15 RAREST Emotes in Clash Royale!

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Top 15 RAREST Emotes in Clash Royale! – Havoc Gaming
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Today we’re gonna be talking about 15 RAREST Emotes in Clash Royale! This of course emotes that have the exclusive or “legendary” border on them and cant be won or bought anymore.or as orange juice gaming likes to call them.. LIMITED. This list goes from 15 to 1 so from least rare to the most rare emote in clash royale history. Enjoy!

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  1. I have emote number 2 on both of my accounts. But after that I stopped playing and just started again in 2022

  2. I had the headset king emote but idk why but its removed from my account

  3. I have the first and second ever battle pass emotes they must be rare ;-;

  4. Im glad that i got that royal ghost gem emote and found out that its extremely rare, played this game since release and grinding to legendary trophy as a f2p with pure blood sweat and tears against a pay to win opponents, specially back then where legendary are literally extremely rare where the best odds to get them is spend hella money or just pull a lottery like rng with chest. Grinding to legend against sparky, and high ass lvl p2w princess was literally the reason i deleted the game as soon as i hit legend, was surprised when i got back this year, with the 6yr badge and an extremely rare emote

  5. I have Balloon, Royal Giant, King Headphones and Pekka Popping Balloon emotes

  6. The rarest one is "good game" text emote, i havent seen anyone use it since i started

  7. As a rascal emote owner I would like to add that it was even more rare than you think.
    So the streams were usually watched on the first day by 8-15K people, but there were only 1K places in there to join, so I was watching all of them and got into none. Also someone could join into few tournaments and cr didn't care. On the second day it was only like 3/4K, so it was way easier.

  8. 8:53 hurts personally because I was 1 win away from reaching legendary trophies before they were removed. Like damn

  9. I think ice wizard and the ice spirit emote should be rarer because it looked like a normal and people were like ‘I’m going to get it in the shop instead’ but then after they changed emote into a limited

  10. The one I regret not buying with the gems, is the skeleton playing the guitar, it came out on a holleween season

  11. I have the king with headphones, magic archer, guard with crown, king with the 10 sign, laughing rainbow prince, ice wiz melting, pekka popping 4 balloons, and the knight wiping his head.

  12. I have these:
    I've been playing since when the game only had the ice wizard and the princess legendary

  13. I had the balloon one but got banned 😔

  14. When I see another person putting #14 during a game, I get so excited😂

  15. I have the birthday emote and ballon dropping a bomb emote

  16. I have the ram chewing grass and the royal ghost with gem emote 😉

  17. I am so happy to have the ghost gem emote, i can flex with this hard😂

  18. Brooo it's not opinion it's rare its statistic

  19. I saw the disco emote, it was a retro music type of emote, have anyone got it? I searched it in the whole the collection but I was not able to find it, and I saw this only in one math yet, it was months ago or maybe years ago, I don't remember

  20. Realising how many emotes of your favourite card arent obtainable anymore is a whole new level of pain

  21. I had the goblin kissing trophy but acc went gone

  22. Me: types healer's cake
    Also me: clicks on images
    Me again: 😧

  23. I really wanted that emootee #1 i didnt complete the challenge

  24. I have the goblin kissing trophy emote, and the king with headphones

  25. The fact i would of had the royal ghost gem emote if i never quit the game, i left off in legendary arena but now came back and missed a whole ton of emotes that were valuable 😐

  26. "some people would place it lower on the list and higher on the list" he says as it's #1 on the list

  27. I have the 1st clash Royale healer showing cake not throwing it. I think it’s pretty rare

  28. Damn I had one of the rarest emotes ( the king with headphones) but it was on another account

  29. I have the ghost gem and the kissing trophy and the fish punching and a bunch motr

  30. I have played since the game almost released,I have the old rare emotes(most of them)

  31. I don’t know because the top 15 was in my shop yesterday 😢

  32. Number 1 the king laughing emote "He he he haw"

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