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  1. Sks with sniper attachment to make it auto + smg/shotgun for me

  2. CR56-AMAX and Fennec
    No recoil absolutely.

  3. As someone who has played COD Mobile since day 1 and has played Many BR matches mostly duos and quads no fill I only run Kilo/Krig 6 & switchblade/Q99. I hardly ever loose with those and the scout class and never finish with less than 15 kills

  4. Well its based on the map you play on what you pick…
    If isolated i would pick sg and ar
    And if blackout then you can use sniper and go massacre with any other close range ar

  5. By15 is trash, and the gunsmiths are trash too, kilo needs monolitic, oden and ak47 are pretty good, krm is better than hs right now

  6. Shotguns is this game take like 0 skill to use their so broken

  7. I’m abusing mythic oden this season. OP ❤️🍻

  8. Using the Krig 6 Mythic + any secondary, easy fights with the Krig 6

  9. Hvk 30 with CBR is the go to loadout for me

  10. For me ,its AK47 and fenec

    Or M4

    Or maybe Oden

  11. I use Dingo + XPR-50.
    If i dont have the Dingo, i use M16 or M13 with PP19 Bizon. Sometimes i use PP19 Bizon/CBR4 with a sniper

  12. Naw,
    Holger and xpr
    Best load out

  13. Shotguns have become aids in br they need nerf asap

  14. why am i not able to see the mip strike stock on the m4?

  15. #1 I use it all the time,and tbh it’s the best one man 🔥

  16. Sorry the best combo is the krig6 and icr1 😆

  17. The mythic kilo and krig never disappoint me.

  18. Mine would be M4 + HS0 or M4 + KRM, or Switch the M4 for either Oden,Ak47 or krig

  19. I use the tempest+jak 12. Because tempest is very good ranged gun, whereas the jak12 is a shotgun/AR hybrid that i use for mid/close range. Any tips to improve my loadout?

  20. Am i the only one who can't see the MIP attachment on the M4?

  21. I swear I can’t find the MIP strike stock 😢

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