Top 5 Games That COPIED FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE! (Fortcraft & More!) -

Top 5 Games That COPIED FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE! (Fortcraft & More!)

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Top 5 Games That COPIED FORTNITE BATTLE ROYALE! (Fortcraft & More!)
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  1. its not a ripoff cuz you just made these games viral

  2. Rip offs are good some people don't have playstations

  3. Aside from copying I actually like Netease games..

  4. I yo shut up BEACUSE creative destruction was made first and fortnite copied creative destruction

  5. Ugandan knuckles battle royale is pretty good XD

  6. I can't get rules of survival🤔☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  7. There is one game also like fortnite is cyber hunter

  8. Ripoff is not good but its the last hope for broke gamers like me😛

  9. Rules of survival is better than pubg

  10. It isn’t 100% ripoff
    It is for people who can’t play fortnite on Android

  11. Creative destruction;sorry who Is Dead in water ?💔

  12. Fortnite copied pubg cuz pubg came out 1st

  13. I don't like fortnite but I like pubg and creative destruction

  14. How about mobile legends and league of legends?

  15. Everyone remember God is in control, so put you faith in him all through your lives, Amen. I pray oh Lord May you help us to have good faith in you and trust you all through our lives, Amen!

    Have a good day/night!!

  16. Fortcraft will be so lag I have realme C2 creative also already lag

  17. Who thinks they should play that knuckles game

  18. this is a old video hmm •–•

  19. TBH Forcraft looks better than Fornite in the thumbnail.

  20. Am the best player at fortnite and creative destruction

  21. Who cares if they copied fortnite that’s okay to me cause I always wanted fortnite
    In my iPad but I can’t download fortnite in my iPad so I decided to play game that
    Are like fortnite so that’s why

  22. Walaupun saya tidak mengerti bhs Inggris ,tapi saya mengerti dikit

  23. Why does number three look like creative destruction

  24. Yo you know fortnite is not the first battle royale cod is one of the first ones

  25. His voice has changed so much since back then

  26. Fortcraft and fightnight, the biggest rip off games of fortnite, search them up? 😬

  27. So do brazil o cara da luva de pedreiro siuuuuuuu receba

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