Top 5 Upcoming Battle Royales 2022-2023 -

Top 5 Upcoming Battle Royales 2022-2023

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Here’s what I believe are the most promising upcoming battle royales, its been too long since we had a battle royale take over the genre. Really since Warzone released back in march 2020. What will be the next battle royale to take over the genre just like warzone? From upcoming titles such as, Rumbleverse, Pathfinder, Bloodhunt, Super People, The Cycle Frontier, Exomecha and many more.

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  1. He looks like he’s gonna be a on a list soon

  2. i can't imagen how many fps game will relise after we dead☹😫😭🤧

  3. Fire video i Subscribe to ur YouTube Channel 🔥

  4. 1:53 You really are the best youtuber. You make all of our days better

  5. Great videos just start saying what console it’s on or if it’s on pc because blood hunt is not on Xbox yet other than that your doing great my man

  6. Bro what about super people any update???

  7. Thanks Bro you should make a video on upcoming Battle Royale games on mobile

  8. good to hear that, warzone is broken, don't even try to play anything else than just 2 weapon out of 100+ : nz-41 & h4 blixen LOL very balanced

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