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  1. Броники то в игре одевать надо, а не голым бегать – наберут стримеров по объявлению! Видно же шутеры уже не твоё, реакции ноль как и у Дизреспекта

  2. I'm just gonna say it now. Super people is pure turdery of a game.

  3. Man I wish blackout was free to play and still popular. These two would have a field day

  4. I'm wondering if you have to use the mil dots and that's why Tim is missing his shots

  5. They updated a lot of thing since the Alpha

  6. Legend has it he is still doing the intro to this very day.

  7. Dude..🤣🤣🤣 unless it's a sniper Tim absolutely refuses to ADS. So many shots he missed because he wouldn't ADS his AR, SMG or SG.

  8. I had some serious anger issues in high school. Mostly related to gaming. My 360 scratched my CoD4 disc and I flipped the fuck out. I threw my 360 out of my window (my bedroom was above the garage), I went out and grabbed the 360, slammed it into the floor in the garage, then wailed on the thing with a hammer for about 5 minutes. Had to use like 3 of my first paychecks to buy a new 360 so that was the last time I outright destroyed a game system lol.

  9. You know, tim’s small peepee mobile really does kinda sound like an electric car. It’s weird.

  10. This game gave me a virus had to uninstall.

  11. Bruh froze himself to death. What an endgame🤣

  12. Love Tim calls people ratty but there just alittle slower lot loot and fight then him 😂🤣

  13. Really wish they would release CONTROLLER SUPPORT FOR THIS GAME!!!!!!!

  14. some people probably haven't heard souped up engines like that in real life. It's not even just the exhaust, it's the other after market spinning parts in there that can make an engine like that sound so powerful 🙂

  15. Those colour shades at the bottom are so distracting. Good VOD Tim!

  16. how long is it going to take for me to get access i applied yesterday does anyone know

  17. On steam it says it isn’t out yet how are everyone playing this?

  18. Tim where have you gotten that shirt I love it

  19. At 3:03:00 doc should have full killed tim then revived so they both had virtually full health.

  20. how is the guy killing himself to Zone not the most viewed part LMAO!

  21. The actual game start at a hour and twelve minutes btw lol. I love jus listening to him tho

  22. Not going to lie it was so frustrating watching Tim just continuously walk over all the crafting items he needed.

  23. I know we’re all thinking it ……. A PUBG rip off is this Dr disrespect game?????

  24. im loving the dmg numbers on screen thats helpful af

  25. Blows my mind how many people will squander the money they make to watch someone play video games. Like why? Donate that shit to people who need it

  26. Honestly idk about this game. Doc said it was better than MW2 but it kinda looks like PUBG

  27. is docs games going to be on console any one know

  28. 2:20:47 wtf was that visual bug I was not ready and thoroughly creeped out by that😂

  29. Funny how he was tlkin abt the giants n they beat the cowboys😭😭

  30. this game just looks like a mobile game to me

  31. The electric one kinda gets me feelin some type of way. Don’t cat call me! Lol

  32. Buffalo is taking the ship this year brotha

  33. 1:40:45 might be the sole reason I try this game, and the main feature behind success for the title.

  34. Hope tim comes back to this game when it releases in a few days 😀 I love how you just "felt" that stream sniper and was correct, well if he even was stream sniping but you were def right bout someone being there lol.

  35. That madden story 😂 That shit make a person so mad!! I stop playing madden till madden 21 came out lol

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