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  1. If only the 2Time knew how much loot Timmy keeps for himself lol

  2. Hate to break it to you Timmy, SuperPeople isn’t new

  3. Buy the 2023 one and then give the old one to buymeacar

  4. Anything that has different levels of armor is a major L

  5. 2:14:40 Tim really went for the tbag and body shot when he was at like 80% health for the 1v2… kinda sad he gets that triggered that easily that he needs to do that lol. Coulda been an easy 1v2

  6. This is basically a rip off of Warzone PUBG and Fortnite all in one. Hate the look of the movement it looks unnatural

  7. Wish super people had controller support but it's only a mouse and keyboard game huge L

  8. Has Tim got dementia? He has already played this game

  9. GM invented the first muscle car in the late 40s (FUN FACT) 🙂

  10. Beat of both worlds the stadium Bar to watch the game …..

  11. "THAT SEEMS NATURAL TO ME!!!!!" 😂😂😂😂

  12. Dude I would love to see you in person some day and have a drink with ya cheers to you🍻🍻

  13. This guy makes the game look so boring because he spends 90% of the time looting and only 10% fighting lol

  14. Remember to have your hi-vis on for the next interview

  15. is it just me or does Super People just look like a well updated pubg lmao

  16. That power jump seems useless. You go up like 47 feet and only forward like 4

  17. I havent played this yet, but Timmy really makes this game look DIFICULT!! Is hitting shot tricky? No troll just asking haha

  18. 7:46 Tim..You owe DOC $1000, that's not how bets work, they don't go in a kitty, they're separate. PLUS you somehow, miraculously managed to get a contract off Susan, Doc ain't got sh….he out here !
    10:13 OLD NEWS?! It was posted last week, Jesus. You kids. Not everything revolves around TikTok trends you know?!
    PGA ! You and Doc need to 1v1 on PGA !
    1:10:34 Holy crap! The production quality !
    1:15:21 Personal supply is the yellow box you pickup during the game, you can specify and store items in it BEFORE the game but it costs you to choose each item.
    1:22:24 Tim, you don't just munch the defence bars, they work for a limited time, you're supposed to use them when you're in a gunfight for extra protection
    1:24:30 ONLY TIMMY could sit there spectating OTHER people when he's being sponsored to PLAY THE GAME
    1:27:18 #TIMJINX ….thoughts chat?

  19. i still watch tim almost everyday but its crazy to me how he has a hour or almost 2hour intros at times. He's a millionaire who plays video game but really only plays for like 2 to 3 hours a day

  20. Game looks promising but being able to nuke a building and kill everyone inside is SEVERELY broken.

  21. When he just stared at that Molly made I cried laughing

  22. This game is like a baby of apex and pub g together to me

  23. bro i check eberywhere i dont know how to play with someone

    i play squad and duos.

    and i always alone vs full team!

    how can i play with someonme? like in fortnite i can click fill to play with people

  24. i hate this game so much
    i like idlot 1 hour try check and search how play with people!!!!!

  25. Gotta make sure you're not replacing good armor with lower tier.

  26. Not sure why we have to wait a fucking hour just for you to play the game…

  27. Was that seriously a Kar98k for 7.62?…. It uses a 7.92 8mm Mauser round which is stronger than a 7.62… wtf 🤣

  28. Instead of saying “bro” Tim now says “does that make sense” I never thought I’d say this but can you start saying bro again

  29. That Super People game looks too slow for my liking. Warzone cant be beaten … not yet anyway 😁

  30. As long as it isn't Logan Paul's podcast, ill forever respect you Timmy

  31. Hide your mini map from the stream bro..That will help a bit

  32. Just remembered why I quit watching Tim the raging baby.

  33. You know what I think would be great, is if we had a Warcraft Wednesday or something. I’d love to see some WOW content. But I appreciate all that you do.

  34. Super people game is amazing . Love playing it

  35. We really need a new movement battle royale with how down bad Respawn is becoming. Apex is the best out rn but that’s gonna change if they keep losing devs.

  36. I was playing this 5-6 months ago lol thanks for joining the hype Fam.

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