TSM Apex Big Battle Royale Tier List! (ImperialHal, Reps & Daltoosh) - battle-crest.com

TSM Apex Big Battle Royale Tier List! (ImperialHal, Reps & Daltoosh)

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#TierList | We got the boys together to rank the top battle royale games most fun to most skilful. Where will they place your favorite BR?

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  1. Bro Tetris has stood the test of time, no way they be shitting on that game.

  2. Damn the entire WarZone community is hurting rn 😂🥲

  3. Fortnite days through like 1 – 5 was the best

  4. fortnite was the funnest at its peak nothing is beating it for me it was what games are made for to make the player enjoy the game

  5. H1Z1 into Fortnite was the peak of gaming. Incredible. Also, no PUBG?

  6. wheres minecraft? those og hunger game lobbies

  7. How do you leave PUBG out but include the knock off bruh

  8. Putting as not fun one of the best and most profitable games of all time??? WTH

  9. Prime H1 was a good time proximity chat made things next level.

  10. Spellbreak so fun but is dead now, just like bloodline champions what a masterpiece that died too early cuz LoL was so hot atm

  11. Lmaoooo tooossshh “the more you play apex the more you realize the other games are poo”

  12. yall Cappin on the no skill cap thing for warzone

  13. Daltoosh genuinely acting like he doesn't want to be doing this is the best part of these videos.

  14. Imagine ignoring pubg in a battle royale games

  15. Toosh for once admitting Apex is a great game after 3 years of shitting on it yet playing everyday

  16. “Apex and H1 are tied for me” I’m actually starting to like Hal

  17. As someone that came from warzone this year. Y’all gave it too much credit. Warzone sucks compared to apex. Apex and Fortnite right next to each other. Warzone should be on the -1,-1 mark

  18. These robots almost convinced me they were human… ALMOST!

  19. The fact that they didnt put PUBG, the game who exploded the battle royal genre is so crazy to me

  20. I would love to know where you would put PUBG and CS:GO Danger Zone

  21. lmaoo fortnite higher skillcap than narakka, smoking craack. all of them got pooped on playing the game and barely even learnd how ur actually supposed 2 play it

  22. they rating games they havent played .. really?

  23. Did you enjoy this video? 👍 What would you like to see next on the channel? 🤔👇

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