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VR Battle Royale Is Crazy!

Daz Games
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Welcome to Daz Games! Here you’ll find all my Try Not To Laugh Challenge, Sketches and Reaction videos where you’ll enjoy my responses to videos from “LIFE HACKS THAT MAKE NO SENSE” and everything else on the internet you could think of. I like to do commentary walkthroughs and playthroughs of games like The Sims, ARK, GTA V, Minecraft, Horror Games and many others. New gaming videos will be posted five to six times a week. Be sure to Subscribe to never miss one!


  1. Pop one is the best vr shooting game besides bone works

  2. Pop 1 is alright. i think the controls are kinda janky

  3. Why is that T-Shirt blurred? Dk what it is you can hardly see it When he sings the song

  4. Hey Daz, I recently found a horror game that I think my be good. It’s called cry of fear

  5. now im confused why his shirt is blurred😭

  6. Wow I play that game and it’s really good

  7. It feels like it’s been years since a vr video

  8. this game is soo cool, i wish I had a vr, ima get the quest 3 for my birthday

  9. we all love when daz plays vr or anything video game

  10. Love you daz your one in a million dazzling your laugh puts me in a good mood and your personality makes me smile 😊 your video help my everyday life thank you for just being you stay dazzling

  11. Ty for this game for a var pro thank you for pushing content and growing the community

  12. Daz can you please do another Daz meme watch? It’s been too long.

  13. I miss when daz wasn't such a dick, been years tho

  14. I had an issue with my q2 headset had 3 replacements cos my headset almost caught fire (it was smoking) on my head 💀

  15. Daz in vr is like bambe on ice 😂😂.love it

  16. no way my bro daz is actualy playing population 1, amazing game btw

  17. Daz said if his cooking simulator video gets 100k likes he would make another one the video now has 200k likes

  18. We NEED Daz to play the haircut simulator on vr. 😅

  19. years later after being promised a comeback of cooking simulator, and ofc nothing..

  20. cool vr headset but down side introducing yo face to yo wall

  21. The neighbors looking in the window 👀

  22. 13:09 Why is it when I heard him say this i almost immediately thought “Come for Dazzy!” 😂😂

  23. yo daz i love your vids also ive got a question? whens the vid with sam and colby comin out?

  24. Love u Daz ❤❤ LESSGO DAZZLERS🎉🎉🎉

  25. I have been a silent follower for years.. I don't think I've missed a video. His VR videos are BY FARRR the funniest.

  26. Hi daz❤
    (Im sorry,I don't speak english well,and please don't take it as a "rude",cus i luv u channel so much) can you play "At death of night" please?!❤️❤️❤️❤️ It's a tooo much realistic horror game.

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