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Warface – Battle Royale Trailer | PS4

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Meet the new PvP mode: Battle Royale! Test your limits in a fight between 32 players and become the one who’ll survive in Mojave desert!


  1. Way better then call of duty black ops 4

  2. Can't wait for gta battle royale

  3. 32 players??? 8 teams in squad

  4. Servers is so far away from me. I having 200ms latency

  5. Hope there are 16 maximum player justlike in pc bro

  6. I cant wait for "Batttle Royale: The Royale Battle"

  7. The next battle royals game will be Doom :battle royale

  8. It would be nice for us gamers to have classic games like Medal of Honor Warfighter, Vanguard, Airborne, Rising sun and the super mega classic FRONTLINE deserves a remake or at lease in a collection pack. I will buy them all. How about Call of duty MW2 remaster ??? The samr with games like World at war and Battlefield 3, Bad Company….. ????

  9. братцы подпишитесь на мой канал,стримлю каждый день!

  10. Can't wait for Madagascar The Video Game Battle Royale

  11. Next Circus Charlie: battle circus farming simulator

  12. It’s not as epic as the trailer makes it look

  13. فـلــســطــيــنــي غــيـــمــرز says:

    Not that strong like call of duty black ops4

  14. Whats next? Mew mew kissy battle royale?

  15. game is fullof cheaters,like in pve one guy just shoot in one directory and bots just faling down everywhere

  16. Cant wait for battlefront 2 battle royale

  17. hey i got new idea the new Game Warface Battle Royale

  18. Ребята привет, как вам игра? Можно ответ на русском?

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