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Warzone 1 is Getting Shut Down Forever #warzone #callofduty #shorts

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Call of Duty Warzone 1 is getting shut down forever on September 21st. Warzone Caldera, the last Warzone 1 map still available, will be removed on that date. Goodbye Warzone 1 #warzone #callofduty #cod #shorts

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale video game developed by Raven Software and Infinity Ward, and published by Activision



  1. First they ceast and desist iwx and sm2 now shutting down warzone 1 honestly they really are making people buy the new game

  2. They should at least open resurgence and all the maps the last week or the last month 😞

  3. This is fcking bs…the force us to play that shitty wz2

  4. And I literally just uninstalled the game a few days ago, what are the odds?

  5. Even though I hate caldera, I miss the weapons and mechanics of WZ1

  6. Knowing these incompetent devs it will probably break MW2019 too. From what I remember this is the first game they have shut down and I’m certain it’s only because they know people prefer WZ1 to WZ2.

  7. All the money spent on the game gone…
    Time to glitch skins over

  8. For me warzone left when cw came around, and DIED with vanguard, eitherway, so sad to see all of those memories go.


  9. Let's all be honest nobody really liked Caldera we all wanted Rebirth back but Treyarch though ,,no" but i have a question will only wz1 get shut down or also multiplayer? bc i wouldn't know what to play next to other game i love the movement in mw2019❤

  10. They really want you to play wz2
    So they just kill old cods

  11. Can they shut down MWII and warzone 2.0 first? 😂

  12. It was already gone with Rebirth island and the one shot kar 98😢. I miss this time sooo much! 😭😭😭😭

  13. So all the skins and bundles we bought were for nothing

  14. All those $20 skins, gone forever. Except for the regular multiplayer modes for each game that is bugged to hell and barely playable for most. Nice play activision

  15. Rest in heaven and peace warzone aka the better one

  16. I laugh at those people who spent like 500+ dollars on a free game

  17. Activision just killed the most perfect battleroyal game which was better than Every br game out their

  18. just (save now decrypt later).save the game files on an external storage device and wait til you have the skills to reverse engineer it, this is what im doing with mw19

  19. Bro they better transfer my weapons my skins everything I spent way to much time for this to happen

  20. I guess we are gonna just play the Campaign and Multiplayer I guess?

  21. imagine buying comsetics, just to hear one year later: Ohh and were shuting down our services.

  22. Goodbye warzone 1. The warzone of full of cheaters

  23. meanwhile blackout was about 100 times less succesfull yet it is still playable

  24. We all need to boycott this company. Activision is a joke. Glad I quit playing cod

  25. I don't agree with that decision but it makes sense from a business perspective. Servers cost money to run and uphold, and since they're trying to move the remaining player base from Warzone 1 to Shitzone 2 it makes sense they'd shut down the OG. Still hurts though :'(

  26. I’d sign a petition to get this shit back. Rebirth was my favorite. Such good memories with the boys.

  27. This man knows the lore better than todd howard at this point

  28. Bro warzone 1 was a really good game , i spent like 120 euros on It and now they fucking shuting It down. fuck em and fuck they lgbtq collab

  29. Only good map they had for battle Royal was a remastered map they took from BO4 and fortunes keep . Oh and verdansk wasn’t bad at all

  30. WHY WHY…😭😭😭😭😭😞😞

  31. Can’t wait to see if warzone 1 gets a bump in player count due to this, causing activision to possibly rethink it. Than again the execs aren’t know for being very smart

  32. SCAM where do all our skins that i bought SPECIFICALLY for warzone 1 that now i can’t use because i don’t own vanguard etc WTF?!

  33. All the Memories we had on Warzone. Back when we had to stay indoors because of quarantine, And Now with Activision being total Dickheads with MW2 and other stuff, I’ll miss warzone.

  34. And they still gonna charge full price for MW2019. Garbage. They basically ran a scam! What about all those skins some people spent hundreds on for warzone?

  35. I hated that game tbh, but it’s still sad to see it go😢(I don’t like the new cod very much either, it went from to big of a skill gap to no skill gap at all)

  36. Rip to all the wallets of the idiots that paid for skins 😂

  37. Meanwhile Blackout BR still alive: 😎👍🏼

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