Warzone Tutorial * Secret Stim Trick * on Rebirth Island in Warzone #shorts - battle-crest.com

Warzone Tutorial * Secret Stim Trick * on Rebirth Island in Warzone #shorts

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Warzone Tutorial * Secret Stim Trick * on Rebirth Island in Warzone:

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  1. That dont works for trash players, they don't know camera break exists so they dont turn Around and will kill you if you Running to him

  2. am I the only one who thinks the cw ppsh is still one of the best of smgs

  3. Lmao yeah nice bots dawg. You just slide at a kid and he’s shooting behind him how tf they find these disabled kids?

  4. When you outsmart someone who tries to outsmart u:
    Im ten parallel universes ahead of u

  5. Yo if I third partied they would stop an just fire at me

  6. So basically, the creative technique is so predictable so instead of doing it we use your "creative" technique which is not doing it

  7. Great I’m about to get clapped way more now 😂

  8. The real key; 120 FOV. It’s MUCH more difficult on console lmao

  9. PPSH with 71 round mag is just objectively better

  10. Earned a Like and a Sub Nice Content Ill be here Alot More

  11. What the class fir the throwing knife I like putting a suppressor on it

  12. Someone done this to me the otherday, I was so confused but now it makes sense

  13. Can someone convert the ppsh to codm attachments

  14. I died on the way, this toturial works 99%
    But i am just dumb

  15. My luck I'll slide into every bullet 🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. I did this by accident earlier today nun the less I won the fight even with low health

  17. you definitely did that on accident then made a video

    jkjk much love🖤

  18. I used the ppsh it is littery recoilless

  19. Dis is illegal my mans hit a 360 at the wall😂😂😂😂

  20. I have another way play against playstation players they don't have an fov slider

  21. i really appreciate him showing the class, i love it, straight to the point.

  22. When everyone knows this trick: welp, time to go the old way

  23. Easy to break console players since fov is ass

  24. haha the bump won’t work on me i’m so trash i wouldn’t have even turned by that point and i would have gotten at least two bullets off that are no where near you, dying and then giving up and going to planetside

  25. the PPSH age is a call of duty 3 DLC weapon if I'm not mistaken

  26. Vanguard or Cold war ppsh, which is better

  27. You deserve alot More subs youre content is 🔥🔥🔥

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