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We Rebuilt THE OLD MAP in Fortnite Battle Royale

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  1. I love this guys old stuff.
    Very cool.

  2. at least 6 mill more like 20 mill good work brother lazar

  3. lazar you should do this again since the new season is out

  4. This is before or after one date the other sister ?

  5. bro got 21 mil views and only got 900 likes 💀💀

  6. Now after 5 years we can now remake these memories

  7. The fact they kept mentioning time traveling 😂

  8. lannan: "This better get 6 million views"
    the video: "eh only got 21 million views, could be better"

  9. Who’s here after they brought back the OG map

  10. I'm starting to get all the og Fortnite vids recommended again and it brings back memories

  11. this popped up, and i immediately got vietnam flashbacks

  12. aint no way they predicted time travel

  13. Bro says he want 6 mil views but he got 21 mil

  14. Right now they get 21 million views not no f****ing 6 million views

  15. why didnt they just tactical sprint? are they acoustic?

  16. All of his subscribers have seen this video

  17. Why didn't they just went into creative???
    They also forgot how to mantle and sprint 😭

  18. at 4:03 it says it better get 6mill views it got 21 mill in 5 years

  19. 6 million views would be good haha lol got 21 million views

  20. Lazer: "I hope this get 6million bloody views"
    Me: 21Million Views

  21. Pardon our dust, we are currently doing some maintenance work on the Island.

  22. i think it got a lil bit more than 6 mil views

  23. "This Better gets 6mil views"
    Ends up getting 21mil views

  24. "Infinity war is the greatest crossover in history"
    Me: Lazarbeam and Muselk in the same video

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