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We’re making a battle royale!

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  1. Is this gonna take as long as docs game to come out

  2. See, there is one problem… You're not MAKING a game. You're making a mini game within the WORST game ever created. 8 minutes of my life wasted that I'll never get back

  3. Wait.. I thought the V was roman numeral for 5. I thought it was "Project 5"… Project V sounds way better haha. Looking forward to this! HUGE W

  4. Should make your own full battle royal a brand new game with the lot of Yous together it can be something special

  5. bro you don’t understand bro u guys are giant you are designers you were once the video game losers and came from unique characteristics you should have found your worth and done this a while ago

  6. I’m so glad this borderline child grooming easy bottom of the barrel child content creators slowly become irrelevant 😭 even tho this dudes a millionaire cuz he got kids to sub with their moms credit cards on fortnite like cmon💀

  7. All I ask is to not over do it with the sbmm

  8. I think it’s time you come on back to Fortnite

  9. This is what we need. These huge gaming studios just don't really care. I am beyond excited for this.

  10. ive never been more excited for a game!

  11. Oh Nick… from 0.5 MILLION views live on stream to 10k now… from over 1M views on each yt vid to barely 100k now, WTF MFAM where is the love for this amazing dude?

  12. Doc really is years ahead of everyone else

  13. so much potential but youre involving that loser couragejd

  14. Why do it in Fortnite creative 2.0 just create your own battle royal that stands alone

  15. Excited to see what comes out of this! But as Nick has even alluded too, it will still at its core be Fortnite BR. Obviously with time they will be able to push Unreal engine but Fortnite probably does not want to get rid of its core identity 100% with Creative 2.0.

  16. If nick is working on it then it will be riddled with controllers.. rip

  17. If it has magic and fortnight, league of legends and apex shit I’m out.

  18. game will be complete trash if nick has anything to do with it

  19. nick- im the best there is plain and simple, i wake up in the morning and piss excelence.

  20. Hear me out on the extraction idea. Think about how many times we had games not go our way in any battle royal for whatever reason. We both knew that game wasn't going to be it. Think about ranked play now In there new game. Imagine if we are having a game that's going wrong in every way possible because of rng. Come back. no good loot. No cash. Circle is across the map. What if theres a way to extract out of the game. Give up your chance to win. Extract out. Cut ur losses and get out. Dont loose or gain any ranking points. Don't have to worry about that one solo trying to get placement points or ruining other people's games by taking someone with them and what not. I think that would be great for ranked play. It's a way to somewhat counter rng. Would make unfortunate things less painful because u have a possibility to reduce damage to rankings. Instead of being screwed or watching your teammate sit in a bush for 20 minutes to get in top 10 then die. Just a thought.

  21. Just how cod has there downs you guys will also lolx
    So just keep it humble don’t over hype it y’all gunna be led down

  22. No shot this goes anywhere based on this video.

  23. I get the point of friends just making mods and all, but big people who could literally fund whole studios and make a actual game? I mean, sure, go ahead, you'll later have the intel to make a real game, I guess.

  24. At least us terrible players like T3 will have a place.

  25. You're not making a game…lol it's just fortnite..

  26. So your making a mini game in Fortnite 😂😂

  27. You guys gotta do fully customizable operators

  28. Please.. please.. please.. South African servers man.. Us South Africans absolutely love BR games.. But we struggle.. 200ms ping on apex and fortnite.. we struggle man.. be better

  29. New simple map like rebirth island resurgence respawn fast paced

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