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What every country is best at part 3 🌎

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  1. Help me reach 45k subs without any Videos says:

    Congrats to all who is early and found this comment 🎊

  2. People in nepal till this day dosent know to eat with a spoon 💀

  3. What every country is best at.. El Salvador: Murder ❤

  4. “Japan and Singapore have the lowest murder rates”
    Japan: 😄
    “Now onto suicide rates…”
    Japan: 😟

  5. ay idk where you are getting that average iq from but it's probably from nepal

  6. I bet the avarage IQ in Japan is so high, is because the people with "lower IQ" get bullied into suicide by their own family

  7. Meanwhile egypt and India with 45 Celsius in summer as normal

  8. Japan can go to Harvard but Nepal can only go to clown college

  9. How are 0.2 people murderd that isn’t possible
    You can’t kill 0.2 of a person

  10. In Japan people are not busy killing people but themselves 💀

  11. Bro i live in India and it was literally 42°C today

  12. I thought you're were going to say lowest IQ is the US

  13. bro gave me an opportunity to win argument against Nepalese 💀

  14. Damn Nepal can’t be a functioning society💀

  15. Japan just slaying the game. Low homelessness, smart, wifi off the hook.

  16. Did you know that Czech Republic has the most drinked liters of beer per person.

  17. This is why teachers should start yt because we pay attention

  18. Pretty sure last I checked, Singapore has an average IQ of 110, beating Japan. The number might be a bit outdated though

    Edit: turns out it's also around 106. Not sure where I had gotten 110 from, but they need to update it

  19. Singapore 🇸🇬 has one of the lowest murder rates 0.2 out of 100,000 Singapore also has the highest amount of piracy attacks.
    me: does no one die in the attacks or it's equal to 0.1 of the murder rate?

  20. Me having more than the average iq in Japan when I am under 18

  21. Fuck me as topper at University as nepalease ☠️☠️.

  22. What national are you from? Cause U.S citizens can also be the stupidest people on Earth as well.

  23. Ecuador is the hottest, and in my country, it is 40 Celsius most of the time

  24. As an nepali I took that as a insult
    Nepal may have the lowest iq but atleast we love our culture also I’m going go through the comments as a Karen now

  25. Japan has almost no crimes but if they do have crimes its the scr

  26. Bro 29 celsuis ain't nothing in saudi arabia😂

  27. Thats not the hottest. Where I love it gets to 120 degrees Fahrenheit

  28. Holy shit, so many people in the comments that don't understand that it was hottest on average annually.

  29. Nepal does NOT have an average IQ of 42, are you kidding me? anything below 70 already counts as mental disability. IQ 42 would mean a mental age between 6 and 9. there's no way in hell this is accurate.

  30. The country Singapore has the most IQ of an average of 105

  31. Bro tf
    29 Celsius only?
    Nah it's being 42 Celsius too bruh in Sri Lanka 💀

  32. 42 iq isnt even possible. The lowest iq person had an iq of 53

  33. bro here in Pakistan we are chilling on 40 celcius and arab countries are more than that

  34. Meanwhile India hit 40° celsius in summer am i a joke to you??

  35. The reason for the iq in nepal is because education isnt good and most prple end up mobingn yo difgernet countries

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