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what happened to Battle Royale games..

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  2. Try Bloodhunt! its super fun and fast paced like apex

  3. Apex right. Is I think is at it’s most balanced state weapons wise off spawn I think you could win a fight with anything except a p20

  4. ;;;;;;;'''''''''''''''''''' 2 Esdras 2: 32 -100 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

  5. I agree 100% with Shroud. Players shouldn’t spend much time on looting stuff in BR games. Spending time on looting makes sense only in games like Tarkov, for example. I mean FPS games for sure. Apex with the new mode this season may adjust the BR model. Players can spawn with a gear of their own choice selected from multiple choices given by the game after the matchmaking ends.

  6. Naraka is insane, only BR ill actually play

  7. What happened to Battle Royale games.
    Greedy assholes are what happened. They spend more time working on micro transactions and other means of monetization, rather than spending time developing the game to be enjoyable. All these company CEO's see is $$$. They steal ideas that worked for other devs, and try to milk it rather than trying something new.

  8. Craft weapon and ammo exist now, even battery and medkits.
    Adapt, don't be reckless and don't be lazy i think.

    Rather than playing 1 tap FPS game when everyone using high fire rate weapon like R6S, or even CS that everyone use either AK/Deagle/AWP to win which is boring to see.

    The bad thing about crafting is they give a very big icon for other player to see if other team is crafting, which is very unfair for some "unfortunate players" who don't get any good loot and have no other choice than craft or risking themself to loot to new area without weapon.

  9. So basically shroud would want a BR with permanent loadouts at the start of the match

  10. That format does exist it’s called Warzone. The game is broken but when it works there is no random loot at all. Everyone has the meta build thanks to the loadout system which currently only Warzone has. If they could fix the bugs, give us a modern map again, remove the 3 sets of weapons, then this game would be great

  11. Their was way too many of them and they got boring and extremely repetitive.

  12. games got full og hackers. That whats happend!

  13. What I really want is Counter-Strike 2 with PUBG gunplay with COD loadouts (you create gun setups in menu that you can buy ingame, for example M4 with less attachements cost less than a fully upgraded M4)).

  14. I can tell you whats the problem with BR games… their existence, jsut the concept caters to casual, low skill gaming, its too RNG based, too slow, too much downtime, too many games where skill and gamesense is outmatched by patience of campers, too much of a failure and just a stupid trend leeched from an even stupider movie. BR is a joke on gaming, gamers and game developers in generall when we talkin FPshooters. There were like 2 BRs I enjoyed, like PUBG in the early days but I still felt what I said earlier, just the fun of the game was bigger than the dispointment of its existence.

  15. I think its ironic for a CS guy to complain about a game format being stale. Like valorant is literally CS with OW powers

  16. Apex is a made by greedy scumbags that won’t add cross progression

  17. Maybe everyone starts with the same weapons and instead of picking new ones up, you earn weapons by killing people or doing things?

  18. It's because BR is not about fairnes, it is about doing the best you can with what you got.

  19. It’s hard to get good at BR as a beginner. One life then dying and being done makes it so you don’t develop skills as fast

  20. If everybody had the same loadout without trying to find items I would be bored out of my mind

  21. I wish he got into warzone its literally the format he wants every one uses similar guns but off meta guns are still good I show on my channel and every game is a journey. But the game is so bugged out and hackers literally RUIN GAMES wherever they go.

  22. i think BR is going to be replaced with shooters like Tarkov, Hunt and The Cycle

  23. PUBG still alive and great game. why shroud salty to play??

  24. PUBG is still the G.O.A.T.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Glad games like Apex are keeping the battle royale format alive. I don't understand the game industry's antipathy toward battle royale games… seems like most developers avoid them? All battle royale essentially means is that the map shrinks over time and if you die once (or maybe twice) you lose. Maybe other devs think competing with Fortnite, Warzone and Apex is too much? It sure would be nice to have a fresh BR experience though.

  26. Shroud, you look fuckin dead. Take care of your health bro.

  27. if everyone had the same gun and loadout that would be one boring BR the whole point of these BR is to be able to adapt to diff load out

  28. Apex pubs is trash, 5 squads left by end of ring one. Ranked is annoying with the new emphasis on placement over kills.

  29. i really liked that 4 button mouse logitech had with the 2 buttons on the left msb. if they can come out with that but light wieght and wireless it be my mouse of choice for the rest of my life.

  30. I do enjoy loadouts from warzone so you are not just stuck with what you find off the ground. The game is a mess right now though, hopefully whatever they decide to do with warzone 2 results in a good game.

  31. I just wish ranked went more off kills, and for rank maybe only a winning bonus like 100 RP. Would keep the game moving, maybe some more tanks and a stronger implementation of roles 🤷‍♂️

  32. Just say you don't like BRs lol everyone having the same weapon is not a BR. That's the whole premise before this was a video game and based off the actual Japanese film Battle Royale 2000

  33. Ok but, this mans intro is something that would be in like cod mw if it was made by ubisoft or epic

  34. Valorant player hates on br becuz he can't respawn😐

  35. I agree with what Mike said but I'm also extremely competitive and fully believe that the person with the most skill should win 99.99% of the time. The only way to do that is to balance the game for competitive, and casual players (who are the majority of the BR player base) would find it boring and static and not want to play. Especially when they run into people much better than them and get shit on without a cheesy weapon or ability to compensate for their lack of skill. Competitive people have no problem playing with the same 6 guns on the same 4 maps every day FOREVER, but that would kill the game. Most people want variety (which is part of why they're bad…consistency and reps is what makes you good) and variety keeps games like BR's alive.

  36. The intensity of a BR game is hard to beat. I love and hate them.

  37. BR's are becoming trash
    they need to get rid of aim assist on controllers thats the issue

  38. Sounds like your just not very good at apex or battle royal anymore in general

  39. BR is so boring, can be fun with friends but everything is. BR is maybe good to watch but you playing it, it is so boring if you are a solo player. It makes me want to sleep.

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