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What Happened To Spellbreak? – Rise and Fall of a Magical Battle Royale

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What happened to Spellbreak?

For a new game to stand out in the battle royale market, game developers needed to take the genre in new directions that hadn’t been explored yet.

Eventually, one indie game company saw how fun and exciting the battle royale genre could be and thought “Could we do a cool, interesting fantasy version of that and make it into something awesome?” Rather than using guns, this team thought that magic was the way forward, and looked to go toe to toe with the giants of the battle royale genre.

This is the rise and fall of Spellbreak.

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  1. The game was flashy and somewhat unique in its concept, but it really lacked some balancing (as far as i can remember, so take what i say with a huge grain of salt)
    The earth gauntlet was completely useless, if you picked it as a starting class since the primary attack could easily just be jumped over and the rock throw was incredibly slow and easy to dodge with no aoe damage. Basically, you'd lose any fight if you didn't find any other gauntlets fast. Fire was OP because it did a lot of damage, most skills had aoe, burned the terrain wich also did damage and burned players for a few seconds. Lightning would paralyze you easily. Ice would slow you down a lot.
    There were games where enemies would throw loot, gauntlets and talismans at you, and games where you didn't find anything at all. Loot effects were also randomized and you really wanted anything that reduced cooldown.

    Every game would end up in whoever landed the first one hit kill so the last players would mostly play hide and seek until they were forced in each others faces.
    You also had to level every gauntlet to unlock more skills and you'd only get exp on the class you choose.
    You then just unlocked banners or titles for your profile, which was underwhelming.
    The game is fun for like a few games, but after those games you've already seen everything and with the progression system and rewards being like that, it just didn't seem like much of anything anymore.
    At least for me, i didn't feel motivated to keep playing.

  2. I was really hyped to play this but I left because the UI on pc was so bad

  3. mf u said hasan and offline tv. This is where my watch time eneded

  4. This game was actually super fun, but I won't lie – when I first saw it I thought someone had made a RWBY-themed Battle Royale.

  5. This game could’ve been a good MMORPG or magic survival

  6. Unfortunately it didn’t take off which probably affected its funding. They’re probably fighting going bankrupt right now. Hopefully another company picks up the idea in the future and takes it to the next level

  7. Cover Tacticool and Overdox please.

    The gaming community needs to discover these games.

    Pay to win, yes, but nothing that would keep most gamers from reaching the upper echelon of each game. I speak from personal experience.

    They are both mobile games with huge followings that have managed to fly under the radar but they are true gems. Truly special unique games that we need much more of.

    I can be a resource for both games. I have ties to content creators in both communities and I am myself a content creator for Tacticool. A small one no doubt, but well known in the community.

    I think you guys would enjoy these games and the dive into them.

    Give it some thought.

    Have a good one.

  8. I would love to see this game come back in a big way. I loved it and played for like 5 months but lost interest once the player base died out and bots were being added. I'm on console so the only way to good a lobby with players is to crossplay with pc gamers and the way this game runs on console makes it so difficult to keep up with them. It's either bullshit easy lobbies or incredibly difficult. No in between

  9. This game was such a fun idea but it was totally unplayable. Playing with a controller gave you aimbot so of course, everyone had an aimbot. That right there was their biggest mistake in my eyes…

  10. This was one of the most fun battle royale I ever played. But I joined late, and the lack of players making the queue times so long made me quit

  11. I remember playing this when it came out. Didn't stick around since br's aren't my type of game but I really enjoyed it mechanics and how it played

  12. I loved this game alot and hope it returns even better with the company actually doing something about it

  13. I remember I got into the alpha and was so excited but for some reason I just literally never played it once

  14. as someone who has been an insanely active community member for spellbreak since late 2018 and even getting to go to their studio in person, its sad what has been happening to the game for the last year. Personally I've seen some hidden advertisement for a PvE/monster hunting type of gamemode in sign up testing in July but haven't heard anything about it since then, I do hope they start communicating again since that was what draw'd me in with their constant patch update streams every 2 weeks in alpha and answering everyone's questions. feels more gatekept nowadays

  15. Love how they point out the mama system but then zoom in on health and shield.

  16. I feel like if it was in console it would’ve been bigger

  17. all I remember is it went Epic Exclusive at some point

  18. One big issue for me, was that they actually made it Battle Royale, since their first though of the game was to make it like a Paladins/Overwatch Third person shooter, which I think would've saved this game, but instead making it Battle Royale to "compete" with huge game like Fortnite with a huge community just isn't a smart move.

  19. Combining elements was pretty cool. But i only got like 20 games into it and im out. Kinda lack something but i just couldn't point it out.

  20. It’s a shame that so many of theses games with interesting concepts are bound the the fad of the battle Royale.

  21. Honestly?
    I love spellbreak, I personally got into it when I just so happened to find it on the Nintendo switch store for free and tried it out.
    It's an amazing expierence and pretty unique from other BR titles

  22. Didn’t play spellbreak since I can’t afford when there’s replacement.

  23. I started playing Spellbreak in Pre-Alpha October 2018 until a few months, it's sad to see how the dev and communication teams just disappeared

  24. I wanted to play this game in the beginning but I had a very weak laptop and bad internet.

  25. I still love this game. I’m hoping some of my friends can play it with me soon.

  26. I enjoyed the little bit I played of Spellbreak but as with most BR's I fell off as my aim in shooters is shite beyond shite, though the larger effects of the spells helped a bit. From spellbreak the next BR I played is Naraka and while I dont jump on it with a high frequency every time I do I generally have a fun time as the melee focused combat gels well with me.

  27. Yeah I tried it. Got insta killed by B hoppers. A few times. So I uninstalled.

  28. i think the term that kids these days use "DEAD game" is used the wrong way and the right way to think they themselves that there experts of a particular game that there not into and use it as mere weak insult to use the term as to give there biased views on a another game.
    like this is an example of the wrong way.
    the right way it is actually no revival of the game or downloads exist of the game

    literally simple there is no need of overusing it the false way u can think of use your common sense sheeple.
    anyways thanks for the video i will added to my library of games

  29. It's such a cool game with interesting mechanics and gameplay, but it's seriously held back by the fact that it's a battle royale

  30. Today's fun video
    Thank you so much👍👍👍

  31. me an my brothers still play this occasionally its still very fun

  32. This game was really fun when I played it. Just not enough content in the peak of it's popularity which made people (including me) just quit. If this game was ran by a bigger company, it would be huge imo

  33. what happened ? the kiss of death called spic exclusivity happened.

  34. This game was so fun, but it made me depressed since I couldn't find a much :^(

  35. It looks better than Fortnite but I never heard off this game or see the gameplay.

  36. They for sure over budget and in debt since they have no major successful games yet

  37. The game has a lack of team work and a revive that so long

  38. i played the game a while, likes it so much but just left it for some days bcs something feels empty and off

  39. the game used to be fun, but then the gameplay went into the wrong direction, it played much better in the beginning

  40. This is what league of legends needed to evolve into. Spell break needed to be a 4v4 arena battler. Not a battle royal looter🥺

  41. This game was so fun for being just another BR, played it a lot with friends for a while but was very saddened that support slowed over the years.

  42. I was hoping they would expand on the elements and keep adding more magic weapons, but everything stayed the same, more classes and multiple types of element class. I liked ice but didn't want to be a sniper.

  43. Whats crazy is, the game is still perfectly playable and (overall) surprisingly well balanced, the devs just ghosted it. I'll play until they shut it down but it could still be saved very easily if they wanted to

  44. Yeah I'd played spellbreak on my Nintendo switch it was really interesting and a little fun but I gotten a little bored with it a deleted permanently on my memory card sd, for some reason I find knockout city to be a much fun than spellbreak in my opinion. The only problem that I also deleted knockout city from my screen it's because the game wasn't fully free to play yet so I'm still in to knockout city as soon as it's fully free to play now. Other than that had some decent time with spellbreak.

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