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What Is The HARDEST Battle Royale? (Apex vs Fortnite Vs Warzone Solo Challenge)

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What Is The HARDEST Battle Royale? Let’s Find Out! The Gaming Merchant Apex Legends vs Fortnite vs Warzone challenge



  1. Fortnite is definitely most difficult, probably the most difficult game mechanics ever in any game, just watch fncs finals and look at the quick thinking and building and editing, makes apex and warzone look easy


  3. Peiple need to undrstand Apex is a whol difrent bread of game and when you play it 1 all rest feal slow and you dead tofast if anything will beat apex it wood neet to have crazy mehanics

  4. Visibility its FN then Apex then COD. Skill its Apex, so much to do. U cant camp coz people have scans. You cant run coz people have movement. U cant flank people or snipe coz even sniping there is much more risky. I dont know but Apex is just more IQ heavy

  5. You’re so confused if you think apex is the hardest LMAO

  6. I just don’t like warzone because of the camping and in a game where the time to kill is quick ts is annoying and also barely any audio to tell in a big open map when someone is near

  7. Dude don’t make him play build mode no one wants to see that garbage… and apex is definitely a harder game fortnite can be difficult because of bloom tho it literally makes no sense your rolling the dice even if your right on target in that game

  8. I would like to see him do this again but duos no fill across all 3 games

  9. Warzone is only “hard” because there’s hardly any skill gap, even bad players can kill you with ease because the weapons handle incredibly slow and there’s zero movement so good aim/tracking is not even a factor. It’s harder for good players but easier for bad players compared to something like Apex, where bad players get sh*t on.

  10. This is so rigged, this dude is a Apex player
    In fortnite he has a bot lobby due to him not having played for a long time making it increadably ieasy to win
    And warzone is just gay lmfao

  11. You should try an warzone mobile Fortnite mobile an apex mobile to see which mobile game is better?

  12. Build mode isnt garbage its what makes fortnite unique,i prefer zero build but build mode is what kept fornite stay alive however when other peaple from warzone or apex try build mode they wont probably understand build mechanics or have a bias opinion fortnite build mode is what makes fortnite fortnite if it was only zero build it may as well be PUBG 2.0

  13. Warzone is the easiest 🤷‍♂️ Apex is hard AF, Fornite depends… building is hard, no building is easy

  14. Shouldn’t even be a debate warzone doesn’t really require much skill. I got my first win a few days after starting to play the game even tho it was all p2w

  15. personally apex legends is harder because it rewards its skilled players with good aim, movement, and etc. Warzone is not very hard and the matchmaking is very weird for me there but either way i never struggled and bad players could kill a pro if they have a better gun. Fortnite is inbetween its not hard but sometimes it isn't easy. Fortnite personally i could play a longer session in with more enjoyment but I enjoy apex more and im not a big fan of warzone.

  16. Apex is the easiest battle royale ever made it's only 60 people on a map 😭

  17. Warzone solos is the hardest game because its 150 people on one map and the time to kill is the fastest meaning your skills have to be shown right then and there in Apex and Fortnite you can get shot ten times and still live ,it's not the same for warzone

  18. Disagree that you can easily win any of those games just by waiting around. LIke, yeah, you can get to be one of the last two or three players or teams but actually winning that last fight is far, far from a guarantee, especially in Apex.

  19. If you kill them, you are better. If they kill you they are better. Angle and position is the most important thing in any fps. Move with no aim is useless .

  20. I'm not gonna lie they're all easy but FULL OF MISCHIEVOUS HACKERS 😭

  21. Fortnite has the highest skill gap but least appealing art style imo. The new graphics look awesome though. Would pick over higher frames for casual play.
    15/16 yr olds have the best reaction times so consistently playing Fortnite has made me a much better gamer. Thanks kids, you all rock. From an old man in a chair but my names not Vernon.
    PS. Someone of your caliber could learn build mode within 2 weeks of practice. You only need to learn how to box up, 3 piece & soda ramp rush, cranking 90's, editing/reseting, right hand peeking, tarping and telepathy to predict opponents moves. Maybe it'll take you a month or so at most.

  22. Apex takes the most skill and has the biggest skill gap between the best and the worst which would mean an apex pred will win solos easily. Now if you put a warzone pro against an apex pred in terms of skill the apex pred would win as he has to master way more then someone does on warzone. Depending on your skill level apex is either the easier or hardest to win due to skill gap.

  23. Playing Apex is like playing all star on 2k , playing Fortnite is like playing on superstar and playing warzone is like playing battle royale on hall of Fame

  24. Building is to fortnite what legends or movement is to apex

  25. Remember you play apex the most and que times


  27. Apex is the hardest, I have played all for 60+ hrs and apex was the hardest

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