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Which Battle Royale Dies Next Tier List

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This tier list goes over which Battle Royale games have been announced to die soon, which ones are in danger of shutting down and which BR games have already been closed.
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  1. I remember the era where videos of people saying fortnite is dying appeared left and right. I'm glad people finally acknowledged that it isn't going anywhere.

  2. I have played PUBG a bit and it was fun but what I have heard and seen PUBG has become a shell of what it once was

  3. Bloodhunt is actually fun but does feel like a big team death match

  4. Is the background music from Animal Crossing? 😂

  5. People who say apex is dead/dying are just brain dead fortnite players
    Apex is at peak player counts right now on steam (which doesn’t even count the millions on other platforms) just because it’s not as popular on garbage ass twitch anymore doesn’t mean it’s dead

    But yeah EA does suck ass

  6. They did sunset apex mobile but they also did open a new studio for respawn.

  7. CR is pretty good but the 15-20 fps still hurts me everytime I play it.

  8. Rumbleverse was fun but it had like 0 advertisement and it felt super unbalanced. You could combo kill someone so quickly if you were good or vice versa.

  9. Imo, when it comes to the big three(wz, fn, apex), I think wz is definitely going down first. Literally have gotten no new content

  10. Glad to see naraka up there. Probably my favourite BR. Dropped fortnite and warzone as got boring. Being a big fan of hack & slash/soulsgames etc and Narakas satisfying combat, I'm not going to drop this. Hopefully it continues to grow.

  11. Darwin Project needs to make a comeback 🙏🏾

  12. Gosh i miss spellbreak. Breaks my heart everytime I see it

  13. Deathverse is shutting down in july, love that game. Its temporary though

  14. As much as people may hate Fortnite, we gotta respect that it is never going to die unless they truly mess up the game

  15. Apex is next. Respawn and EA can’t even figure out SBMM. Absolutely becoming terrible and not even fun to play… I would definitely put Apex at Risk of Dying

  16. But fortnite is full to the rim with bots these days, can comfortably say more than 50% of players in each match are AI and it’s so crap to play now

  17. Bruh h1z1 not being on here is a crime, the father of all these games

  18. Y’all are too loyal to Fortnite. If Fortnite didn’t do collaborations when they did their game 100% be dead right now. So if anything the only thing that is keeping their game alive is collaborations, zero builds, and creative 2.0. The Fortnite we fell in love with died a long time ago

  19. Ring of Elysium already dead? Havent checked it in a long time and i dont even see it in list so ya

  20. Warzone is definitely dying. We can expect a surge in player count with the release of season 3 in the next few days but eventually it will die.

  21. Hey @JustSaySteven you should instead of checking just steam check mobile charts also like for instance SMC Ik for a fact that in 24hrs it get 750/1,000 on mobile

  22. We all know why pubg is played… because Asians exist

  23. Apex tbh is lowkew dying id say it’s the nex big br to die

  24. Pubg should be higher on the list. Next to fortnight. The game will never die.

  25. all these no problem gameshave a risk to die because the game is becoming hard to play for new players and old players are sweaty and will age and get bored .

  26. Fortnite will not die due to the crossover skins alone. I rarely play but if I see a skin I like or an emote, I’ll probably get it and hop in on one of the created modes just to fuck around.

  27. I haven’t touched Apex as soon as the season with Catalyst came out.. I just want them to add 120fps like the promised years ago

  28. Realm royale was pretty fun, i found it hilarious when you got turned into a chicken when you get “downed” then you have to finish them off as a chicken 😂

  29. Naraka has no risk of dying because it’s one of the top games in China. But in NA you could consider it dead because the playerbase is barely a fraction of what it is in CN. But there’s hope, they are aware and trying to work on it. Slowly but surely lol

  30. Well ea don’t even care about apex legends at this point they are practically already trying to kill the game

  31. PUBG is not dead, i get matches in seconds

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