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Which BR Game Will Die Next?

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This tier list goes over which Battle Royale games have been announced to die soon, which ones are in danger of shutting down and which BR games have already been closed.
Which battle royale game is at risk of dying next? I made a tier list to figure it out.

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  1. You forgot that Fortnite already did some dumb ass shit with that void thing. They just have legions of kids and content creators that depend on the game.

  2. Literally who plays Fortnite anymore that doesn’t make YouTube videos about it

  3. Seeing rumbleverse is up eventually soon it hurts cause it was genuinely a great game

  4. I remember playing spellbreak the last night before the servers was shut down

  5. Fortnite could never be as good when better titles like pvz gw2, sea of theives, and cod were the best

  6. Rip Spellbrake….and the 1000 hours I put into you….

  7. "You don't get to be the highest grossing, highest earning top moneymaking videogame of all time and then just be at risk of shutting down."
    Yeah man tell that to Angry Birds

  8. I still spent so much money on spell break
    Bought the fist two battle passes and bought other stuff bigger at regret ever

  9. Nah fornite is most definitely gonna die soon

  10. Actually its monecraft who most earned i guess if im sure

  11. Rumbleverse was with Fortnite the best BR i ever played

  12. GTA v is the highest earning game of all time

  13. Last time I played spell break it was a 40 person lobby

  14. Really hope valorant doesn't die off, not because I like the game (it's awful imo), but so the cringe ass community doesn't seep into other games

  15. i love spellbreak, the devs shutter downwdn i was like “WAHWHEHAHEBWRNFUBRRHBR WHYYYYYYYYY”

  16. Fortnight is dropping off as of recent the only updates now are just skins and weapons from other shows a lot of people play it just because Thier favourite character is in there eg optimas prime, Naruto, and Goku

  17. “Don’t quote me on that I didn’t fact check that” then don’t say it

  18. "Highest grossing game" umm actually 🤓 your rong is minecraft

  19. It is actually call of duty that has the most income

  20. fortnite is shit but it is infact unkillable right now cuz its already dead…


  22. hyper scape was good but they should change the graphics pf the game amd add more guns

  23. Fortnite used to be like a joke but now I can respect it.

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