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Why Battle Royale Games Are So Popular

The Black Hokage
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Why are br games such as Fortnite and PUBG so popular? TBH explores that idea.

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  1. Back then everyone as trying to make the next best racing game, then after that everyone was trying to make the next COD, now everyone wants to make the next fortnite and PUBG

  2. Tbh i love clips like this from the podcast. Between work and school I hardly have time to listen to the podcasts or watch streams anymore so clips like this are great and easy to digest

  3. I think battleroyale is popular because of it's pacing and the tension. The longer you play and stay alive, the more tense the game becomes. Each kill means so much more, than just dying and respawning. There is definitely a high that comes with it when you kill, stay alive, and especially when you win. That's what keeps people coming back.

  4. Well I think BR games are so popular it’s because it’s free and it’s not paid to win.

  5. So the battle royale isn't fun and its unwanted now? So this wasn't a dream genre that people wanted but companies wouldnt put out? The shits for stupid people? Because its fun? If you didnt want this as a youngin then idk what to tell you.

  6. Bro, please, why Battle Royale games are fire, while deathmatch+last man standing are not?

    You sort of answered that in the end I guess. But your point was murky, kinda "it is hype cos it's hyped and it's easy to hype" which doesn't really answer

  7. Another key thing, Optimization. A lot of Battle Royale games can usually be played with a lower tier gaming pc that most of the audience of a successful streamer has. Which allows for even more communication and bonding within their communities because not only can you interact with your favorite streamer regularly in a slower paced game like most battle royales are but you can play with them as well. I can't tell you how many streams I've seen where subs are not only talking in chat but also participating in the gameplay all because most anyone can run these games.

  8. Brooo these consistent uploads are dope af

  9. Cuz you play against 99 other people at the same time!

  10. I ain’t gon stop watching Dragon Ball now, but I do watch other stuff lol

  11. I understand the streaming aspect but I think you kinda over valued the effect of streamers on the public. Sure streamers can introduce you to a game, but the game itself has to be fun in order to pick up momentum. In battle royale games, i think a lot of the fun comes from running with your friends in squads, the short but intense life and death situations, variability in your gaming experience, and the fact that for most players winning is rare and it gives you such a great high when you get high kills or wins.

  12. People play battle Royale 1. because it's a big game of tag. 2. Survival is a key component of human condition so having it in game form is exciting. 3.Its convenient for people who may not want to invest hundreds of hours into a game to get good at it. Though there is somewhat of a learning curve.

  13. No game provides a MP experience like winning a BR game. Even if you crawling around like a snake like you did in the video, you get some hilarious kills when you ambush someone.

  14. just a tip but u should add a fade to these snippets podcast videos that way it'll make someone want to check out the whole thing. i dunno i just thought that would be cool for theses types of videos

  15. Tournament of power in dragonball super went hard tho lol and the dub is gonna start next week!

  16. Also you are forgetting arma 3 mod and minecraft br the grandfathers of the br genre

  17. It always bothers me when people call these survival games. There's no real dynamics to the "surviving" aspect. I think the simplicity of the game is why I can't get into it 🙁 I'll just never be one of the cool kids I guess.

  18. Fortnite is fun with friends and some trolling too but I can tell I'm getting burnt out with the game and once Spiderman comes out I'm gone for months

  19. Sooo we gonna see you play League of Legends soon?

  20. Yo I like his content and wanna see him grow imma show him to my guys

  21. Y'all can have fun with Battle Royale… The only Royale I like is with cheese.

  22. I beg you post a bit of PUBG 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  23. I think I'm the only gamer who hasn't touched a battle royale game or watched Power.

  24. I want to see a Hunter X Hunter battle royal game based on Green Island

  25. Battle Royale died about 60% didn't it

  26. Just cause it has a simplicity factor to BR doesn't mean it doesn't require actual skill… They wouldn't pay people if it was easy. Otherwise everyone who picked up a controller or played pc would be getting paid. BR is a break from regular sports games and first person shooters

  27. i think battle royal and parkour its the best combo :V

  28. While the man can ask his question, the answer is rather simple. If you a smart one, you could've figured it out. BR games are easy to get into, has a social aspect to it, and like TBH said it's a good stream game. With so much streamers showcasing it to the world, BR games get even more exposure. Just numerous reasons to list, but still good for discussion.

  29. I partially agree. The concept is not new ( King of the Hill). Games like Fortnite appear more so to casual players than PUBG simply because of the way it looks. Granted it is dying off now so good.

  30. Fortnite was a breath of fresh air. Shooters had become so bland and formulaic. The building mechanic felt free and intuitive, and creativity is required to get good at the game. Or at least it did, they’ve been tweaking the mechanics of the game to cater towards noobs, so tbh is right to say it’s easily digestible. I’d describe fortnite as easy to learn but hard to master.

  31. Uhhh minecraft survival games was 1st battle royal lmao

  32. Minecraft Hunger Games is what started it all…

  33. Sounds about right. The only thing is I can't even watch them for too long. They get boring an repetitive, even to watch, SO quick.

  34. Battle royale game genre become popular becose of the Japanese movie that came out in 2000 battlle royal (movie)

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