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Why Battle Royale Games Are So Popular

The Black Hokage
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Why are br games such as Fortnite and PUBG so popular? TBH explores that idea.

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  1. bro my hero is actually a shit anime

  2. Tbh u need to collab with XpertThief u guys are both good youtubers that don’t just play call of duty y’all would get along

  3. I really appreciate this video because I wonder the same thing 😂

  4. Lol appeals to lowest common denominator…where's the lie tho? 🤷‍♂️

  5. Can this game for already, I dead ass lost all my friends over this dumb ass game bro like wtf

  6. Simple answer for Fortnite:

    It's free

  7. I didn't even think of the chat interaction of streaming. Such a good point. Streamers have mad influence

  8. I think the Battle Royale genre has peaked because of Fortnite. The introduction of building and their cartoonish graphics and being F2P really just killed any future Battle Royale.

  9. I never use to like tbe idea of Battle Royaks and especially Fortnite but lately ive been busy with and going back to school that i have no time to pick up new games at the moment. Firtnite is easy to pick up and in cases hard to master.

  10. I’m interested in BF and COD Battle Royale because I want something that isn’t building or PUBG (too many bugs and hackers) and I know BF and COD BR will be much more polished

  11. I’m loving the short Q&A video format Black Hokage, good to see that you’re always innovating.

  12. ay stop letting your friends watch shitty anime!

  13. Full metal alchemists brotherhood is my favorite anime
    I Think battle royales are popular because it's easy to get into meaning if you get killed you can just spawn into a new game .

  14. Just wanted to show some love and say that I love your videos
    Keep up the work 👌🏽👌🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  15. How is it accurate if a game being casual is what makes Battle Royales popular and you even compare it to League of Legends in the video. Then why by monthly active players League of Legends is far more popular

  16. as usual china gonna run it to death after massive ban wave booted most them off PUBG surely tons of v-bucks scams on here and fortnite clickbate sad this gonna get worse and worse hope redead don't got a mode too omg STOP!

  17. TBH be really dropping game tho. We should encourage him to keep dropping content like this because I can see how him and the rest of the GI get discouraged when the comment section is on some dumb shit on top of all the bs YouTube does anyway.

  18. It’s because the easy and no skill play style appeals to normies.

  19. A lot of Battle Royale games are free and easy to get used to. Also every streamer and they momma are jumping on the fortnite bandwagon

  20. Thanks for posting this vid. I forgot you started a podcast.

  21. the vast majority of humanity are blind sheep.

  22. Back then everyone as trying to make the next best racing game, then after that everyone was trying to make the next COD, now everyone wants to make the next fortnite and PUBG

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