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Why Battle Royale Games SUCK

Dr. Demonic
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Why Battle Royale Games SUCK

In this mini video essay, I discuss why Battle Royale games are garbage.

Josh Strife Hayes:

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  1. Honestly i kinda want a br where the enemies appear as dots in the map well enemies far away from you ofc but when your near them the dots dissapear even tho their still there so you dont know where they actually are

  2. How battle royal games work
    Only good players can enjoy these games. the games punishes you for not being good like everyone else it's not fun to know all you can do is die when you're brand new or not good enough
    Plus the player bases are so big Means endless amount of skilled players to ruin your fun and chance of victory
    These games are luck base not worth the time playing.

  3. There's a reason why the bulk of streamers and content creators solely rely on battle royale to become rich and famous, and that's because people rather watch other people play the game and be entertained by them as opposed to playing it themselves and to be entertained by the game they're playing.

  4. Basically with Fortnite I enjoy playing with friends and just having fun but man oh man when I get the best loot and some bush camper or someone that only relies on building defeats me and all that hard work goes to nothing it kinda starts to get boring and redundant. Its a game of wasting time getting loot then getting destroyed by some twelve year old

  5. Battle Royale is getting boring like I loot all cool guns after then I died what a waste of time..I'd rather play MMORPG

  6. Battle royals games drain the fun and energy out of multi player. I used to have fun playing Halo or Call of Duty now I don’t even want to play video games after playing apex or (insert battle royals) and either winning or getting toasted half way through. No fun easy money for developers.

  7. Thank god! Someone feels the way I do! My buddy, plays on PlayStation and we have nothing else to play together on and these games are terrible. I'm a fairly good shot in games and I can't stand these games! If someone would develop a game that wasn't like this I would have a blast and actually have fun.

  8. my main issue with BR games is the fact that you only have one life. If you suck like me the majority of the experience is just staring at loading screens because you keep getting forced back to the main menu everytime you die. The time spent actually playing the game is extremely minimal

  9. The reason that battle royale games can't be fun is because there is no task that the game gives you to accomplish, no problem to solve, no lesson to learn. People play these games because of lack of self esteem in real life. They use these games to show others that they achieved something in life too, but in reality that something is worth nothing, because that something is just numbers on a screen.

  10. FINALLY, someone agrees with me!

  11. I never liked them. Tried Apex two years ago, didn't like it. Tried Warzone recently, didn't like it. Shrugs

  12. I used to like em however they get repetitive after a while. Totaly agree with you.

  13. The reason I hate brs is they’re in every single game being released

  14. I agree. Dumb RNG where it shouldn't be is never fun.

  15. "consisting of chicken"

    I spit coffee all over my screen out of laughter. Thank you for this.

  16. Could not agree more! Good job on the video, finally someone who feels the same way and understands! 😁

  17. The only decent battle royale game I can think of is Fall Guys

  18. Lol. I remember being an outcast for mocking FN and H1Z1

  19. I always wondered why I stopped playing PUBG, other than I hated how sweaty the players were. But man, this video sums it all up.

  20. I dont like that you make it seem they are Boring by design. They don't appeal to you anymore i get it but you can't just straight up claim that as fact. To you they suck thats your opinion.

  21. I used to play Fortnite religiously 🤣🤣 I’m glad I got out of the game to be honest. I’m enjoying games like gta or house of ashes now. Great games😁

  22. Babe, wake up, new upload from Dr. Demonic

  23. Good video bud love the videos and I suck at them too lol

  24. Meanwhile Fortnite: we know we got battle royale but at least we have creative mode.

  25. I totally agree with you. I used to play pubg but after a while it got super repetitive and boring.

  26. I suck so much at Battle Royale shooters. I need to be able to respawn several times before I can ever get a kill lol. However, I do very much like Battle Tetris Royale, even though I've only won 5 times.

  27. Honestly I think you’re point are a good example of why specifically Fortnight is an example of a good battle royal, due to the building mechanics and them not being RNG based it puts way more control back towards the player, another thing that it has done very efficiently to stop the middle point boredom is to make the point of interests be not too far away and giving a massive pool of mobility tools.

  28. They got too boring eventually they just died personally and I’ve noticed that many of the games have just got too stupid and ridiculous.

  29. My main flaw, with battle royale games is loot boxes. Electronic Arts. I don't mind customizable characters, personally, mostly because I've played a plethera of LEGO games and created 15 Sonic OC in Sonic Forces.

  30. I agree with you I hate battle royal and call of duty war zone they suck

  31. Thank you. I feel like im the only one in my friend group feels that BR sucks.

  32. They definitely Get repetitive but games like apex with ranked it really works with competitive players who don’t have to invest all there time into a game like destiny to stay with the games (season model) the part that keeps it fresh is obviously the devs but also the learning aspect of the game and with apex specifically most guns are very balanced so it makes rng less of a thing so the majority of the issues with that game is 3rd party’s

  33. Games for annoying pricks who think they're gamers

  34. Its fine stfu games like that take a LONG time to make

  35. no hate but you'll learn they're sweaty if you practice like me

  36. I like battle royales, especially Apex, but I fully respect this man's point of view.

  37. They do not suck
    You suck
    They rock

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