WINNING with the WORST Deck in Clash Royale History 🍊 -

WINNING with the WORST Deck in Clash Royale History 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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The WORST DECK in Clash Royale history (from a statistical perspective) has the LOWEST win rate in the game

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  1. Lmao liar liar Chinese guy full of donkey crap

  2. Lmao looks like I’m looking a a potato with cat ears

  3. You got a good deck you just don’t no how to play or nothing

  4. It’s not the deck it is the person using it

  5. As an not maxed out player i still think that deck is good

  6. considering that this deck has the lowest win rate and he managed to win, he just proved it was a skill issue

  7. I've seen that deck, SO MANY TIMES that I just think of it when I play clash

  8. Looking at him now he realy changed his physique damn

  9. so a deck with just potions, mirrors and spirits is better?

  10. Remember kids this was a time when lumberjacks rage dealt no damage

  11. the actual worst deck:
    -elixir pump
    -inferno tower
    -bomb tower

    that deck has virtually no offense as only skeletons and bats can cross the river and the princess alone is enough to handle these with ease… and that means your opponent can win likely just by tossing one spell at your tower. And even if a princess tower cant handle it all, your strongest push possible gets crushed with a simple zap

  12. bruh that deck is 50% of my current one

  13. I guess you’re not counting decks like
    – Elixir Collector
    – Tesla
    – Bomb Tower
    – Clone
    – Inferno Tower
    – Rage
    – Mirror
    – Cannon

  14. I’ve only got three card diffrent and my win rate it 80

  15. Pretty normal low ladder deck. Not great but not bad and definitely not the worst. The winrate is because it’s a bot deck

  16. Ayo, i think i was the reason the Rate is so bad

  17. Mfw i saw this deck closely resembles my deck

  18. 1:25:How did ur skarmy not die to the lumberjack's rage spell rage drop?Was this updated?

  19. i swear i used to use somthing like tgat

  20. I can think of a worse deck. All four spirits, skeletons, goblins, bomber, rage spell.

  21. what the hell i used to use that deck in arena 7

  22. I know it might seem like im joking, but I made it to the old legendary arena with this deck, I just replaced the bats with fireball, I made this deck on my own without knowing how bad it actually was

  23. Play the deck that is only structures, rage and clone

  24. Isn’t the worst win rate deck about a deck with all spells

  25. thats actually a deck that i use quite frequently 😀

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