World Finals Day 3! | Clash Royale League 2021 -

World Finals Day 3! | Clash Royale League 2021

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The day has finally come! The top Clash Royale players from around the world will battle head-to-head to find out who will be crowned the Clash Royale League 2021 World Champion! Since February, players have competed in Trophy Races, Monthly Qualifiers and Monthly Finals all leading up to this, the final day of World Finals to see who will be crowned best in the World!

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ABOUT THE CLASH ROYALE LEAGUE: The Clash Royale League (CRL) is Supercell’s official esports league, featuring the best Clash Royale players. CRL aims to give players & spectators the most exciting & entertaining competition in the world.


  1. You know its bad when china use trojan attack on CLASH OF CLANS

  2. Props to Mugi but it kind of passed me off to see him play Lumberloon in the final game. It just seemed like Mohamad deserved it

  3. idk how i just love clash royale league!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Норм пацаны играют


  6. How unlucky Line was in the first game against Michifu😂

  7. Erick Benamu voice might not be the best for clash Royale tournaments maybe could be great somewhere else in broadcasting though!

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  9. The absolute cajones on this guy to whip out such a polarizing deck like loon freeze in the very last match of grand finals… he deserved the win if only for being willing to bet it all on a potential 100-1 match-up

  10. If i would be supercell i would ban mugi and all the toxic decks

  11. Freeze is such an annoying spell to deal with one freeze is capable of deciding the whole match you either wasted ur elixer or won the game

  12. /oooooooooooooooooòo is a good place to start and that you will not get 3 3 or even a range in your own car and to see how it can help your car get a that'd for a team 😀 😉 😄 😊 😎 👍 and you have a range and to date the best in us all our Uluru Uluru our friends have a wonderful night at our new home on Saturday and we hope we have some 😱 in place and we have some fun to be here for this debate on this 😀 😊 😄 ☺ 😉 😁 that was not a team member and to have a great deal on it as I think it would help you have it in my life I have been in my home and I think that you are up in my mind that is not going for this one or any one who knows the opportunity of being

  13. JESUS! The presentation of this tournament is Phenomenal, very well put together and the commentary is top of the line,in my opinion, so overall I give it a 10/10

  14. I am so jealous that these people have a job to talk about games..

  15. Michifu was the best player because his playing on his iphone 5

  16. No matter how good you are, an Asian will always be better than you.

  17. Literally the whole world: they're gonna play high skill decks
    Mugi in the most important game: no

  18. Are there any sparky game in this championship?

  19. There’s really no way to make the games full screen..? Sucks..

  20. bro had the audacity to play lumberloon no skill

  21. Why do they have the players stats as big as the game play and the webcams? That should be much smaller and they need tonmake the game play section much bigger

  22. these casters are hardstuck iron 1, no cap, like I bet they stuck in spooky peak

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