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xQc Has a Severe Addiction to Clash Royale!

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  1. He really needs to stop going for the 3 crown instead of securing the win with tower adventage

  2. he needs to realise skarmy counters inferno dragon lol

  3. "Stop saying outpayed. I out played him."

    "oh look, new things I can buy"

  4. First player that has high level cards destroys him lol

  5. Yup def pay to win lol… I kinda new this for a while tho especially after playing for 2yrs and grinding jus for xqc to completely cheat the game 😥😣

  6. Bruh n then he complains bout "pay to win" omfg lol…. L jus buy more shit then

  7. don't worry Felix you're wish will soon come true… very soon

  8. this guy knows how to farm chat lmao

  9. Mobile game yikes 😬 I'd rather watch someone play Gameboy color games

  10. I haven't played in probably a year and this is just too hard to watch. The amount of bad plays he makes is incredible. Barely winning and even losing when super overleveled. Can't wait till he get to even level people and loses every game.

  11. Saint Meow of the cat Vapers' Church says:

    LULW emote, winning, destroying tower, higher level cards, skill = Sniper, p2w, overleveled and cheater

  12. my only satisfaction now is seeing him face a Lvl 12 opponent and get the biggest reality check ever

  13. This mf is saying his opponent is pay to win cuz he got a lvl 14 skarmy; while xQc has a lvl14 princess. His miner has no purpose in his deck whatsoever, he has no anti air troup, he places baby drag before the prince so the baby drag can't attack the skarmy and the prince gets killed. This man is absolute trash at the game, everytime I try to watch his gameplay, I can't watch it more than 3min seeing how bad this is. This is the guy that places a troup behind his towers so the troup doesn't die but the towers take damage, everytime he places a troup it makes me cry and want to end myself. Please get some skill or end my suffering by stopping to play this goofy ahh deck xQc

  14. If anyone doesn’t know he’s like 5.2k or smth now

  15. "Is 7700 MMR high? I'm almost there"
    Actually no Mr. Goblin your MMR is only 4300 which means you need 3400 (7700-4300) MMR more
    The average game gives you 28 MMR and you need 121(3400/28) games to win in a straight streak without losing a single one of them

  16. When he gets to 5k he really is gonna get snipers 💀

  17. 1:00 he literallly called it a shit mobile game his first time playing lmao

  18. After watching a lot of xqc's video playing clash royale I indeed notice that he's addicted to clash royale

  19. My juicer is just farming addictions left and right go get the juice king sxcL

  20. is he trolling calling others p2w???????????????????

  21. The dono or whatever saying he will get rolled in legendary arena haha he’s gonna mald

  22. I like xqc Calls guys pay to win even tho I’ve been playing this game for 7 years now and don’t even have a level 14 princess 😂 princess is in my main deck aswell and I have 5800 trophies

  23. Took me about 4 months to reach 6k. How the hell did he reach 4k in 10 days.

  24. Supercell game theory
    You pay = Big leaping achievement's
    You don't = very very veery slow progress.

  25. Every veteran f2p player has the right to be frustrated since he is inhaling a lot of copium and thinks that he wins because he is good at the game. At the same time, just let the man play and enjoy and if he ever reaches a point where his opponents have the same card levels, that would be a satisfaction to us watching him mald.

  26. No matter how much he spends on this game he will still save money by not gambling

  27. they keep saying outpayed but the fact that these mf have move expirience than felix and they still get clapped on is embarassing

  28. Enemy has lv 14 epic card " ITS PAY TO WIN" Meanwhile you have a lv 14 LEGENDARY card. The Irony xD

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