xQc is a God at Retail Royale (Battle Royale) - battle-crest.com

xQc is a God at Retail Royale (Battle Royale)

xQc Gaming
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  1. you know i had a dream a while (year ago) of you playing this game? can somebody tell me if he played it at that time?

  2. Wait, WAIT. This is like THE CULLING. I loved that game.

  3. 🤓☝umm actually, you can't say the N word if you're white!

  4. First time xQc played this, honestly wasn't fun to watch but now that he kinda knows what he is doing, it's a lot more enjoyable, my opinion of the game changed a lot thanks to this vid

  5. Turbo Virgin Logan.

    Makes sense tho, being named Logan at birth is practically a curse.
    Destined for failure.

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