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xQc is a God at Retail Royale (Battle Royale)

xQc Gaming
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  1. normal work day at lidl or ikea, fighting of annoying elderly ppl and cancerous parents with their helicopter helmet kids.

  2. its so hard for me to find stuff to craft an axe and stuff idk where to go

  3. you know i had a dream a while (year ago) of you playing this game? can somebody tell me if he played it at that time?

  4. Wait, WAIT. This is like THE CULLING. I loved that game.

  5. 🤓☝umm actually, you can't say the N word if you're white!

  6. First time xQc played this, honestly wasn't fun to watch but now that he kinda knows what he is doing, it's a lot more enjoyable, my opinion of the game changed a lot thanks to this vid

  7. Turbo Virgin Logan.

    Makes sense tho, being named Logan at birth is practically a curse.
    Destined for failure.

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